Hemmings My Love

5sos meet up with Montana and Gabrielle, Luke falls for Montana but Montana has done bad things in her life and doesn't want to hurt Luke- she can't decide whether to go with Luke or not- either way Luke is gonna try to get with her any way that he can.


14. Everyone's Gone

"Luke's POV"

I busted through Gabrielle's house figuring that's where Montana and Calum were since Ashton and Michael were there. "Where the fuck is Montana and Calum? I haven't talked to Montana since yesterday on text and I don't know when the last time I talked to Calum was." Gabrielle looked at her phone," I don't know where they are but she came to my house yesterday but I was busy so I didn't answer but she did text me yesterday, I'm sure everything is fine. I'll just text her again and ask her where she is at since your acting like a complete lunatic." Gabrielle texted Montana and said

Where are you and Calum? Luke is acting like a complete lunatic. You should come back, I'm scared with the way he is acting he might actually kill someone if he doesn't find you.

I was pacing back and forth while everyone was acting calm. I knew something was wrong because she wouldn't just ignore us without telling anyone.

"Montana's POV"

We were in a room that had one mattress that looked disgusting I didn't even want to be near it. The whole room was all rundown and moldy but me and Calum were sitting together in a corner. A tall black guy came through the door and said, "You will be getting dinner in about 3-4 hours, don't try anything you might regret because there is no way you can get out of here oh and the bathroom is that door over to the right." When the man left I felt my boob vibrate. I forgot I had put my phone in my bra as soon as I took it out I seen it was a text from Gabrielle. I didn't want to call her and make too much noise so I texted her,

I don't know where we are, me and Calum were at the hospital and when we were about to he back in our car these two guys that we don't know came up behind us and knocked both of us out. We've been kidnapped.

Well if you have no idea where you are, then I don't know how were suppose to find you, I'll look on your location settings and we'll be on our way. As soon as my ringer went off when I got the text, a different man walked in. He was bald and white but he looked meaner than the first one. He slapped me across the face and said,"YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE PHONES HERE DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME BITCH?!" As he left the room Calum held me and rubbed my cheek where it hurt as I fell asleep in his arms."

"Luke's POV.. again"

As I read what she said to Gabrielle I wanted to cry but I was going to have to stay strong if I wanted to find her. We looked on the location settings and it said she had sent the text from 1756 dildo drive. It wasn't too far from here, it was only about a 45 minute drive. While Gabrielle was driving I took her phone and texted Montana,

We know where you are, we're on our way.

A few minutes later we got a text back from Montana's phone that said

I am the warden here and your not going to find anybody, if you show up here, your going to wish you hadn't. You will be stuck like the rest of your little sluts. I turned and looked at Gabrielle, "The people who kidnapped them took Montana's phone away and they just texted me, we need to get down there fast. I'm gonna beat this bitches ass, he just called Montana and Calum sluts- I can see it with Calum but Montana is not a fucking slut." We finally arrived in the driveway of an abandoned house it was on dildo drive and the faded address said 1756 so this had to of been it. As soon as we got onto the porch we had a plan to bust through there and go get Montana and Calum. We didn't hear anyone talking so we thought they maybe had left so we snuck in quietly. I turned to one door and seen a lock on it but it was unlocked," That must be it, it had a lock on it and it isn't locked they must be in there." We all walked over there, as soon as we opened the door Calum and Montana were in there but Montana was bleeding from her lip and she was sleeping in Calum's arms but Calum was still awake. As soon as Calum seen us I said,"No one is here, let's get out..." Before I could finish my sentence I got pushed on the ground along with Michael, Gabrielle, and Ashton. There was a big black guy who pushed us and said,"We told you, if you come here then your gonna regret it and now you have to stay here with your friends."

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