Hemmings My Love

5sos meet up with Montana and Gabrielle, Luke falls for Montana but Montana has done bad things in her life and doesn't want to hurt Luke- she can't decide whether to go with Luke or not- either way Luke is gonna try to get with her any way that he can.


1. Tour Bus

"Montana's POV"

I tried getting in the 5sos concert but my tickets got stolen! "What are we going to do we can't sit out here for a whole week since we can't get in the concert!" Gabrielle said. "I don't know, we can't pay for the hotel room ourselves, my mom won't answer the phone, there's nothing we can do besides sit out here for a whole week." While me an Gabrielle were inside of a gas station parking lot, a tour bus drove in. I was trying to keep calm the best I could while Gabrielle on the other hand was screaming her lungs out! I went and sat down and started crying because l didn't know what to do, no way to get home, gonna be hungry and everything else. I heard a voice close up to me while Gabrielle was still screaming, "hey, why are you crying and aren't you cold in this weather?" I looked up and it was Luke Hemmings, while the other boys were trying to calm down Gabrielle.

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