1. Introduction

I walked quietly to the downstairs hallway, making sure not to create much noise.  I tip toed to the kitchen and went out the door. The sky was a gray-ish Orange to pink to purple and peered above the tall trees of the back yard I grew up with.  I could hear the caws of the morning birds as I started to walk into the old woods I loved so much.  There is where I found it.


I walked into a clearing of the old woods.  There, stood a broken down, old one room house.  I walked into the house and went the middle of the room were a door was built into the ground.  I opened it.  The stairs drew darker going down into the earth.  I started walking down, closing the door behind me.  I took my phone out to light my way.


Finally, at the bottom of the stairs I found a door and knocked.  The peep whole of the door flew open and a pair of vivid hazel eyes looked into mine.  The door opened and I walked into the room.  There I saw five guys and one girl... well, a guy who dressed like a girl.


"Delvin!" Jacob exclaimed raising a small glass of vodka up.  He was a very cheerful guy.  Even though people saw him only as the "creepy goth guy" he smiled brightly and loved to joke around.  His icy blue eyes almost blend in with the whites of his eyes.  His hair originally a light blonde was died jett black and was in a short cut, almost always looked shaved.


Next to him, was Aaron.  He was more serous and reserved.  He didn't talk much but he knew his way around computers. The beginning of every summer, we'd find each other here.  Since Aaron almost lived down here, due to his computer room, he was the first one who'd always let us in.  He had short ash hair, but not as short as Jacob's.  His eyes were a light brown, almost yellow which was always covered by his glasses.


Across from Aaron was Tristan.  He's the one who opened the door for me.  His eyes were hazel and he has medium length brown hair.  He's kind of a mix of Jacob and Aaron.  He's serous but he's also very fun to be around.


"Yo, ya listenin'?" Niall said flipping his honey blonde hair out of his dark brown eyes.  He was very outgoing and way too loud.  He didn't have any shame and was a bit slower then the rest of us.  However, he did come up with some great plan ideas.


Lucas, or as we call him, Lilly, came up to us and began talking to Niall.  Most likely random stuff.  Since Niall was oblivious to flirting and other things he never quit understood Lilly's feelings for him.  Lilly often wore a poofy pastel dress, some "super cute" accessories, a blonde wig with pigtails, and heels.  He called it Lolita and wore that almost everyday even to school.  Sometimes when he didn't feel good or just lazy he wore normal clothes.


As Niall and Lilly talked, I walked over to the bar where Artem, who was originally from Russia, sat on a high stool.  He was sketching in his artbook, which he did often.  He didn't talk much, like Aaron, but he was nice to talk to when you got the chance.


I took a beer out of the tiny fridge and leaned on the counter.  Today was the first day of summer, and the beginning of a lot of work to do...



Hi~!  For this chapter I just wanted to introduce the characters.  The real story will start in the next chapter.




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