Louis' Little Sister

Hi, I'm Danielle Tomlinson. My parents died in a car crash when I was ten. My aunt got full custody of my brother,Louis, and I. After a couple of months, my aunt decided to send me to a boarding school in New England. She hadn't sent my brother, only me because I reminded her too much of my mother. Now I am seventeen-years-old and am still living at the boarding school. .

Please Read To Find Out What Happens!


1. Going Home.

It is the last day of classes before Spring Break and this year, I am going to bibs I my brother and his friends in Los Angeles, California. Within the last seven years, my older brother has been very busy. A couple of years ago he auditioned for the show X-factor and won. Now he is in this popular boy band called One Direction. I haven't seen my brother in seven years and am super excited about seeing him again.


The final bell rings and I jump out of my seat. I go to my locker, quickly grab my books, and shove them in my bag. I rush to my room and grab my suitcase that I had packed the night before. I take my phone off of the charger and place the charger in my bag before leaving the room and shutting the door behind me. I make my way outside and put my suitcase in the trunk of one of the cabs that are parked outside of the school to take students that are leaving campus, to their destination. As I get in the back seat my phone starts ringing. "The airport please." The driver nods and puts the car in drive. I press talk and hold my phone up to my ear. "Hello." Louis' voice answers on the other end of the phone. "Hey sis, you out of school yet?" " Yes, I'm on my way to the airport now." "Good, so I'll see you around six then?" It's five hours earlier in California, so since it's three-thirty here, it's ten-thirty there. "Yes, I'll see you tonight. I have to go now, we're almost at the airport. Goodbye, I love you." "Bye sis, love you too." I remove the phone from my ear and press end. The cab driver pulls into the airport drop off lane and stops. "Thank you." I hand the driver a twenty cent piece before getting out. The school pays for the cab fair, but I think that you should leave a tip, too. I take my bags out of the trunk of the cab and make my way through the airport and to my departure area. I had ten minutes until my plane boarded, so I sat down in one of the chairs to wait. I took out my phone and sent a quick text to Louis, letting him know that I was at the airport and would be boarding soon. After I sent the text, I looked around at my surroundings. There was a lady bouncing a baby on her knee and talking to someone on a phone. My phone dinged and I opened the text from Louis, saying 'Okay' and that 'he'd see me soon'. "Flight fifteen to California is now boarding." I turn off my phone and collect my bags. As I go through the boarding area, I hand my ticket to a flight attendant. I board and find my seat, quickly. After I'm all strapped in, I lay my head against the headrest and the last thing I hear is the pilot announcing that we'll be taking off, before I fall asleep.


"Excuse me, Miss." I wake up to someone shaking my shoulder. I poem my eyes and see a pretty brunette flight attendant standing by my seat. "We'll be landing in California in a couple of minutes." I rub my eyes, trying to wake up. "Okay, thank you." She smiles and then walks off to attend to other passengers. I take a deep breath and close my eyes as the plane starts to descend. I keep my eyes closed until we come to a complete stop. This is it, I'm finally going to see my big brother again.

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