The Diary Of Being Me

I dont know how i feel about my life,
i dont know who my friends are,
i dont know who to trust,
i dont know what to believe in,
i dont know what ive got.
up and down my life roller coaster is going.
its different morning,
but it all depends on the first thing that happens in that day that makes me feel the way i do.


3. Entry 1

Dear Diary,


Today is Sunday, and i had work today. i was so scared to go because i couldn't remember what i was doing.... haha oops. i hardly had any problem though, which was good.


This morning i made pancakes for my siblings and myself they were actually really nice.


im defiantly not looking forward tomorrow, i HATE school!!! i have PLP (Personal Learning Program), Maths and Science. i hate all of those subject. my favorite is English.


when i write in here next i will probably have more to say. today was short because of work and sleeping a lot.


sweet sweet nightmares, 

                                        Jordyn E.



Hi all,

thanks for reading this.

I did actually have work today. it was fun as, but the funny thing was that there was so many people ding there Christmas shopping!!!!


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