Mind Player

Mind Playing ~ is a fanfiction about a girl called Lyric who is best friends with a lad called Niall, but he seems to be going on and off her one month he's always hanging around with her the next he doesn't even talk to her when she walks past!


1. Introduction

   Hey! My Name's Lyric! I am 17 years old, I live with my Mother Angie, my Father Aaron,and my younger brother Leo (7 years old)  I have lots of great mates but one of my bestest friends is Niall - I have been good friends with him for about 5 years! We don't talk much in school as he is more popular than me and I don't want to crash his style but outside school we hang around all the time! We aren't in any of the same classes in school but we live rather close to each other - sometimes I wish he wouldn't blank me out as much, he confuses me a lot cause when we do hang out he is all over me but then he just suddenly ignores me.                                


Hi I'm Niall! known as Niall Horan ~ I'm really popular in my school, but I do have one great friend that stands out from them all she's called Lyric, people do laugh at me for hanging out with her as she isn't popular so I don't talk to her in school but outside school I like to hang out with her! We have been friends for years and we always have a great laugh.



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