Two girls find themselves in a very strange world...


3. The bright light

All of a sudden the opened book lit up and it  brought yellow light into the room filled with darkness.

The room started spinning faster and faster until the only thing they could see was darkness , then  after 10 minutes they could see again.

They saw sweets growing on trees and colourful jelly beans growing on bushes and the  grass was made out of sugar paper.

There were also big toffee  mountains looming into a distance there were also  tiny elves with little hammers, they were trying to brake off some of the toffee from the mountain.

" oh my god this is amazing"! said Gail she then started to wonder  towards the toffee mountain  " wait for me"! shouted Leila who also had started to run towards the toffee mountain.

When they arrived there they both tried to bite off bits of the mountain, it tasted delicious it was the best type of toffee that they ever ate , despite that fact that it was hard .

But what they didn't know was that if they ate something from food land they would have to stay there forever...


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