Love Songs

This is a completely fictional version of the 2 vocaloids
Kamui Gakupo and Megurine Luka. They don't belong to me. I only own the story. Any resemblance of a real name is completely coincidental, for this is a figment of my imagination. Enjoy!


2. Beginning

The girl wakes up in a cold sweat to find that it was a dream. She takes a couple deep breaths, then checks her cell phone to see what time it is.
Its about time to get up. Wow..Its the second day of the new school year... I can't believe that I'm in highschool now. Luka thought as she started to undress herself. She stood in the mirror, inspecting her body. She had the body of a 20 year old, she had to admit, and she was a little annoyed by it. Her bust was a full D going to double D, her waist thin as ever and her hips curving out to meet her legs. 
Yep, I hate this.
After dressing, she texted her friends Miku, Gumi, and Rin to see if they were up yet. They have been best friends since their first year of middle school. Luka and Miku were in Class B and Gumi and Rin, in class C. But this year, the girls are all in B, gladly. She goes down stairs to find her mom still at home. 

"Okaa-san, why are you still here?"
"Ah, Luka-chan. I wasn't feeling well this morning so I called in sick. Any ways, you better get going before you're late." Her mother said.

    Luka was a replica of her mother. the same pale, silky hair, stormy gray-blue eyes. She even had a similar body type as her. Luka grabbed her bag and walked out the door. She walked to the street that she usually met her friends at. She saw Miku waving and beaming at her yelling,

"Lukacchi!!! Hurry up!!"

    What an idiot.. She laughed to herself. Miku's trademark was to add -cchi to anyone's name so that it was cuter. Luka waved to her friends and caught up.

"Hey Gumi-chan, Miku-chan, Rin-chan."
"Hey Luka." Rin said. " Gumi! Say hi to Luka!"
"Yeah, Gumicchi. Is your bf really that interesting?"
    Gumi was on her phone texting her boyfriend. She giggled and smiled that goofy, love-struck smile that you see in movies. Luka looked at her eyes and saw that look of adoration and, well, love. She wondered what being in love felt like..
"Hey, Luka.... Don't you get asked out like everyday? Why don't you have a boyfriend yet?"
  She felt all eyes on her and felt the pressure piling on her.
"Well, yes, I get asked out a lot, but it's not that I don't like that. I'm flattered by everyone's feelings, but I just can't return them all the time..."
  They replied with blank, uninterested stares.
es "Aw, c'mon guys! I'm sorry that I'm boring, okay?
  Gumi laughed and the others tried to stifle it to save her feelings. Luka sighed and shook her head and everyone started to laugh.

    It's 1st period, and Luka is zoning out while the teacher is getting ready to take attendance. That dream was so weird.. Who was that guy anyways? Imagine if it were a real person-
Kamui Gakupo-kun?
I'm here, Sensei.
  She snapped to attention immediately. That's the voice from my dream! She turns around slowly in the direction of his voice to see who it was, and sees that he was already staring at her. She felt a wave of heat crash into her face and tried to direct her gaze elsewhere; however, it seemed that she couldn't. His violet gaze was locked onto hers. She blushed again, and looked down, pretending to fix her miniskirt. She took a glance at him to see what he looked like. He had long, deep lavender hair, a slightly feminine face, and the purple eyes that was her new and only kryptonite. He looked at her from the corner of his eyes, arching his brow, creating a curious look. Luka looked away again, cursed his good looks, and tried to suppress the burning in her face.
  School had just finished. As  Luka packed up, she looked at Gakupo from the corner of her eye and saw a whole bunch of girls surrounding him, touching his hair and admiring him. So he's popular.. she thought. She goes downstairs, changes her shoes and steps out into the chilly September air. She adjusts he gloves and just as she's about to pull her thick scarf up to her ears, she hear someone call out to her.
" Megurine Luka-san." Gakupo catches up to her. "I wanted to talk to you. Before anything, let me introduce myself. My name is Kamui Gakupo."
His voice was smooth and deep, like a singer's voice.
"Well, Kamui-kun, what do you need?"
"Well, I saw you staring at me and I wanted to know if it was for the same reason."
He lowered his voice and got in closer.
"Did you also see that dream?"
Luka opened her eyes wide in surprise and nodded. She grabbed his wrist and started to lead him somewhere. She needed to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. -To Be Continued-
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