When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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83. some drama

Calum's P.O.V

"Please tell me what the nurse said"

"Really nothing" we walked back to her car. It was silent.

"Did you really kissed her just for ratings?" Alicia asked. I looked at her and she had some tears in her eyes but they didn't roll down her face.

"Yes Alicia, you know I won't do this. I swear on my sister, it was totally nothing" I said and laid my hand on her upper leg

"I would stop boxing you know"

"You would?"

"Yes I would"

"You don't need to but I just.... I don't trust it anymore"

"I'll go boxing in another club or just... Stop with it..."

"Okay, you don't need to stop" Alicia said

"I won't, just in another club is that okay for you?"

"Yeah... If you don't kiss another girl for ratings or shit like that"

"I promise, I won't"

"I love you Ali"


Alicia drove a bit faster now. I didn't tought she dare this. Normally guys drive fast but she does too. I don't like that, you never know what happens.

"Ali... Can you euhh..."

"Hmm?" She asked

"Can you please euh maybe euh--- slow down euhh a euh bit...?" I asked

"Are you afraid?" She asked laughing but still not slowing down

"N-no but you euh never know what happens" Alicia laughed harder and drove faster.

"Alicia... Please..." I begged but she didn't listen. When we arrived at home she slowed down. She parked the car and started laughing when she saw my face.

"It's not funny?"

"Yes it is"

"Noooo it's nott"

"Sorry about this Ali"

"It's okay, promise me you won't do this okay? If you feel like you want to cut again 'cause it's an addiction, tell me okay? Just speak with me but never do this again" I nodded. We walked back inside and everybody asked questions.

"Are you okay?" I nodded, I wasn't but I just nod my head

"Hey, everything will be fine Cal" Luke said hugging me. Laura and Alicia where gone.

Alicia's P.O.V

I took Laura with me to the old tree house in the forrest. We both smoke and do... Drugs... We took some injections with us.

"You sure nobody comes there?" Laura asked and I nodded. We just feel better because of them. I'm addicted but Laura isn't she stops with one but I don't... We entered the dark forrest and went to the tree house. We sat and talked a bit while smoking a sigarette. We also took Wodka with us. My phone rang, Louis.,:

"Hey Ali, is Laura with you and where are you?"

"Yes she us and nowhere"

"Alicia where?"

"Just euhh--- w-w-wa--walking, bye"

I said and stopped the phone call.

"Louis?" Laura asked and I nodded. Againy phone rang and it was Louis. I just set off my phone but then he stay calling Laura. Laura told him that we where fine and we where in the forrest but she didn't tell him about the tree house.

"I hope he won't come here because me and him came here often" Laura and me took a needle and inject our arms. She once and me twice.

"Do you love him?"

"Nahh, I have Calum"

"I know you love Calum but you do love Louis, don't you?"


"You do Ali just say it"

"Okay okay I do... But still, I can't be with Louis that would be so fucking wrong and weird" I said and we both laughed. We took a sip of our Wodka. We decided to just drop the injections out of the open gate in the wooden wall. Just on time because Louis stood here. My arm was blue from the injection but I didn't care, maybe I'm a bit high 'cause I would care...

"Ohh guys here you are, are you drunk?" He asked and we said no

"Well, we leave to London tomorrow for our first show so be sure you aren't 'cause we leave around six in the morning" Louis said

"Come sit here, we can play truth or dare?" Laura asked

"You start" Louis laughed

"Louis truth or dare?"


"Do you really fell in love with Alicia?" Louis looked down

"No." He said looking a bit frustrated. I got a bit red and felt bad, really bad. I drank another glass of Wodka before my eyes would start to water.

"Alicia, truth or dare"


"Do you.. Really love Calum?" He asked looking down and whispering Calum's name.

"Yes. Laura truth or dare?"


"I dare you to lick Louis' cheek like a dog"

"Eww serious?"

"It's that or the floor" I laughed and then she did

"Louis truth or dare"


"Are you sure you don't love Alicia? Be honest or you'll never get over our talks, you know"

"Y--yes" he almost whispered.

"You sure? You never had feelings for her?"

"Sure as hell and nope never" Louis said and a tear rolled down my cheek as I looked down. I took the bottle of Wodka and filled my glass again. I drank it out in one time again.

"Don't drink to much Ali" Louis said

"Don't care 'bout that" I said laughing and whipped my tear away before looking him in the eye.

"Laura truth or dare" Louis said


"How did you know that you fell inlove with Alicia?"

"Well, I felt it... There where sparkles when we kissed, ahe was the only one that really accepted me like I was and then she told me she loved me.. She was my first realy girlfriend and yeah...---"

"You miss her as your girlfriend?" He asked and she nodded

"Ali truth or dare" laura asked

"Do you love Loui---"

"Don't... Don't end that question..." I whispered

"Why not?" Louis asked

"Because I'm inlove with yo-- euh Calum."

"Alicia just say the truth" Louis said looking in my eyes

"Maybe you should say the truth too" Laura said and Louis looked down

"I can't he whispered

"Why not?" I asked

"BECAUSE I FELL INLOVE WITH YOU ALICIA!!! YOU ARE MY STEPSISTER WE CAN'T BE FUCKING TOGETHER!! I try to get over you but it's hard when I see you every day..." He said calming down

"You won't"

"What?" He asked

"You won't see me... Ever again... This was the last time you saw me... Forget about yesterday, forget about all these cute things, forget about our times, forget about the past but be sure as hell to forget me... Just look one time in my eyes and say that you don't love me, that you try to forget me, say it"

"I try to but I can't because I love you... Alicia.., we can't be together.. That's why I'm trying to forget you but it's difficult when I always see you and talk with you and be with you... There is always something that we end up together and kissing.... That's just hard to get out of my head..."

"Okay... Good... Euhm... I guess you won't see me again" I whispered with tears my eyes. I walked down the tree stairs and walked away but Laura followed me.

"Please Laura... Stay here... Stay with Louis and see if he's okay... Take care of the boys like I did and tell them I'll miss them and that I love them... Tell Louis... Tell him that I've never felt this before..." I said and Laura hugged me

"Where are you going?" She asked crying

"To my father" I whispered

"NO ALICIA DON'T SAY that... Omg no!"

"Please let me go to somewhere else... I don't want that Louis feels like this..."

"He fucking loves you like hell! Ofcourse it hurts when you can't be together and ofcourse it's difficult for him to forget you when he doesn't want to do that!!" Laura yelled at me, Louis stood behind her now.

"Sorry Ali... I didn't ment to hurt you...---"

"Tell me that you don't love me while looking into my eyes"

"I fucking love you as hell!!!!" He yelled hugging me

"Kiss me" I whispered and his eyes widened

"I'll let you guys" Laura said walking away

"Kiss me if you do" I whispered again and he crashed his lips against mine.

"Don't -kiss- leave- kiss"

"Kiss- I- kiss won't - kiss"

"Don't marry Calum..." Louis said and held my hands

"I love you" he said and my lips crashed against his once more.

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