Skye is adopted at birth, but in reality she is the of Voldemort, meaning she is the sole heir to the gaunt fortune, what happens when he father finds out who she is and that she is friends with potter and is in Gryffindor, or what happens if she finds out who her father is and helps the boy she is falling for or sides with the death eaters and he father



~~I woke up and remembered that it was July 30th my 11th birthday, I then ran down the stairs as fast as I could and ran into the kitchen as mum had promised me a cooked breakfast before I went to school and I soon realised they were calling me from the living room mum told me to have a seat and that they have something very important to tell me, I took a seat and thought to myself this is going to be good… But it wasn’t they said it was really important for the m to tell me this and I thought it was that I was a witch but they told me that when I was 8 because they themselves were witch and wizard father was half blood and mother was pure blood, they went on to tell me that I was adopted I felt as though a bomb had been dropped, they said that the letter should arrive in one minute to Hogwarts and the second it come out of her mouth the owl had arrived. I got the owl and replied that I would be there; I asked mum if we could go to diagon ally.
The next day we went to diagon ally and I saw harry potter the most attractive boy of my era. I went up to him and asked why he was here; he said that he was here with hag rid Hogwarts game keeper and I said wouldn’t your adoptive parents be here, no he replied their non-magical folk I didn’t even know I was a wizard until early this morning. He asked if I wanted to go to the wand shop with him I said yes but I would ask my parents first, I ran to mum and asked if I could go to the wand shop with harry potter, she said of course dear…

/I know the chapters are short but this was the spur of the moment thing\
Every like ill publish a new chapter

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