Best Summer Ever!

Kylie is your typical 17 year old, she lives in a small city, she loves to hang out with her friends and have a good time but most of all she loves the band 5 Seconds of Summer. What will happen when she meets them and discovers that not only does she have feelings for one of them but he also has feelings for her...



Luke's view point :

I certainly hope Kylie didn't hear what I said last night, I thought. It would be pretty awkward if she knew how I felt about her because I knew she didn't feel the same.

Kylie's viewpoint :

"Mom, can you go get me some breakfast at McDonalds ?" I yelled. After she didn't reply I tried screaming again.

"Hmm, I wonder where she's at!" I thought. I tried to hop out of bed only to to feel two arms wrapped around my waist. Hmm that's odd.

Suddenly I heard the person next to me laugh and said,"You're not in Texas, you're in Los Angeles and you're in bed with me" he said.

Suddenly everything came flooding back in my head. "Good morning Luke, can you let go ? I need to take a shower" I said.

Slowly he let me go and I went to my cabinets across the room to get my clothes for the day, which included dark high waisted pants, a crop top that said " Texas girls do it better" and my vans. I locked the door as I started taking my clothes of and headed into the shower.

After I was done I applied, concealer, powder, my eyeshadow and eyeliner. Oh we can't forget the nude lipstick ! I straightened my hair and headed outside the bathroom only to see Luke dressed and waiting.

"We need to talk about last night Kylie" he said.

"What's there to talk about Luke ?" I said slightly confused.

"Let's talk about the guy who was all over you last night !" he shouted.

"Luke, calm down, don't yell at me. I didn't do anything wrong he was all up on m.. Wait why do you care it shouldn't even matter to you! You're nobody to tell me what I can and cannot do so please fuck off !" I yelled at him

"I care, you know what? Never mind. Do what ever the fuck you want !" he said as he stormed out of the room.

I took a couple minutes to cool off and thought about what had just happened. He said he cared right ? What if he did like me ! No Kylie, push that thought our of your head! He's Luke Hemmings, he can have any girl he wants and it certainly won't be you. I thought

I went down the stairs and into the living room only to find Calum, Michael and Ashton on the floor giggling like crazy.

"Guys! Guys !" They all turned around to face me. "Where's Luke?" I shouted.

"He left a couple minutes ago, why, you like him don't you ?" Ashton said wiggling his eyebrows

"Umm, no..." I said and slightly blushed

"Yes you do! You can tell us!" Calum said

"Well I can't lie to you guys, yes I do like Luke but you guys can't tell him that I like h.." I said

"Like who ? Who do you like?" Cory, Dey, and Caroline asked in unison

"No one!" I said and with that I was out the door

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