Movin On Changin My Life

How I Changed My Life And How I Moved


1. Prologue




 Hey its Aneyy This Is A Story Of How I Had To Move Schools And Make New Friends Well Here It Is

Here Is A Picture Of Mi Now In My Math Class I Took Today. To Mi This Symbolizes How I Am Growing Up And Experiencing A Lot In My Life Right Now How My Best Friend Melany Just Recently Went To Hospital, But Then They Transferred Her To A Hospital In Sinsanity, Ohio. Where She Is Getting  Surgery And Special Treatment Now But I Miss Her But I Know That It Is For A Good Cause So To Be Honest I Am Okay With This Change In My Life Right Now. And  My Boyfriend Dumped My A Couple Weeks Ago We Were Together For 5 Months 04-29-14/10-13-14 And Started Dating Mi Best Friend Aka My Soulmate I Was Mad At First But Now They Just Broke Up And She Has Another Boyfriend And Luckily I Do To His Name Is Isac I Love Him!!! 10-13-14 He Is Mi Everything To Be Honest!

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