Hear and Now

copyright (c) Laura Dockrill


1. Hear and Now

The clouds in my ears are stuffed

Clogged up

My thoughts rhyme


And I’m out of rhythm

And out of time

And my voice

Is noise

and I thought it was okay




Overhearing conversations

I read lips

Like diaries

Believe it or not

I’m incessantly beautifully nosy

And I gossip

And pretend

I’m guessing the end

When the beginning hasn’t even been said.


 See I know people.


At night I love and learn

I keep my feet on vibrations to make

The day go faster

And the best



But I’m wondering

A snap of a stick

I know it snaps

Because the dog reacts


But can you hear an apple grow?


The ache drags at me


And it makes me cry

I want to know

I want to know

I want to know

And the birds snapple

They have a nice ring to them

On the edge of the cliff

I happen to capture birds particularly well

and the shore

it seas me by


To think of hearing Cuba,

The music,

I want to hear the

Sprinkling of spices

Of food


And nod

And tap my foot

Like other people do.


And hearing you,

It sounds so beautiful in


But you might make me deafer

And leave me sobbing in the shower

The water coming down on me

Silences me

Dumbs me like a hand

On the glass with the wasp inside.


And I see you, thrown by what somebody said to you

And I’m glad I cannot hear

And that I cannot speak

because words, they jump don’t they? and they don’t always land safely whereas it’s awfully very quiet in my home and love is always sweetly humming anyway.

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