The Winding Path up the Mountain

A poem about what you can see walking up a mountain.


1. The Winding Path up the Mountain


I take the winding path up the grassy mountain,

Looking to my right, I see a white marble fountain,

Pouring a pool of pink liquid, its perfume tickling my nose,

Next to it, a lady is frozen as a statue and striking a pose.


Moving on, my breath catches up with my racing heart beat,

Getting faster as I approach flowers smelling so sweet.

A rabbit darts from its hiding place as my stomping boots

Move further onward up towards the trees dressed in fruits


I'm almost there, I can almost see the very top!

Finally reaching my journey's end, I'm glad I didn't listen to those who said "stop".

I conquered the winding path, completing the challenge it had bought,

The reward for my work is greater than I would have ever thought.



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