Hollywood's new girl

Beth was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Within an hour, she was printed on every single gossip magazine you could imagine, worldwide, as the secret girlfriend of hollywood's hearthrob, Chase Evans.


1. Cookie dough

Chapter 1

"He is beautiful, he is one sexy devil." 

I rolled my eyes as Ivy moaned and fanned herself, exaggerating her bitch in heat moment. She was sprawled over the love seat, eyes fixated on the screen of the television.

What was she watching on the television? TMZ.

Who was on TMZ? Well, that would be the one and only -

Chase Evans. 

Rockstar, rich, famous, womanizer. 

Right now he was the talk of all scandalous celebrity gossip so it only made sense that he was currently being analyzed by one of the most famous yet vicious celebrity gossip and entertainment shows in the world.

A sex tape was released without the consent of Chase and by the time it was taken off by the person who'd posted it, it'd already gone viral within minutes. 

The chicks in the TMZ crew were staring open mouthed at the video that played on as the guys laughed with utter shock and amusement, one guy even saluted to the video.

The quality wasn't very good but I could tell that he was screwing some blonde chick from the back as she held on to a railing. All privates were being censored, including his junk, much to Ivy's disappointment. 

How she could enjoy watching this womanizer use that blondie, I'd never understand. Maybe it was the way he had the most defined, chiseled, perfect body I'd ever seen on a man or maybe it was his face. It was flawless, completely an utterly, gorg-


I huffed in disgust and stood up from my seat.

Nope, I wasn't going to stoop to Ivy's level of celebrity obsession.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a spoon from the kitchen drawer. Opening the freezer, I reached in blindly to grab my Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream.

Wait a minute, I couldn't feel my baby.  

I peeked in the freezer and couldn't believe my eyes. They were gone!

Chocolate fudge brownie. You too? Where'd you go?!

I closed the freezer and banged my head on it, letting out a sigh from deep within. "IVYYY!!" 

"HUH? What! Did someone die?" She yelled back.

"Did you finish my chocolate chip cookie dough and my chocolate fudge brownie?" I asked, already mourning the loss of my two best friends - Ben and Jerry. 

"Uhm...I had boyfriend problems...?" She whisper-yelled her reply. 

Now Ivy was a best friend that I wouldn't mind getting kidnapped by some bondage obsessed serial killer. Dying a slow... and painful death... 

Now back to her reason as to stealing my icy goodness.

Ivy and Michael are always fighthing, no wonder she turns to her imaginative relationship with Chase Evans. But anyway, what she does is she steals my current supply of ice-cream then cries on my shoulder once again but about how much weight she gained then she'd drag me along on her morning jogs to 'motivate' her. Well, Ivy, this is the last straw!

I stormed into the living room ready to give her a piece of my mind. 

There she was sitting up and... crying. 

Ah, balls. 

"He cheated on me again..." She whispered so soft I almost didn't hear her.

Double balls. We were here again. Yes, you guessed right, this isn't the first time Michael's cheated on my best friend. Correction: Isn't the first time he's been caught cheating. 

Sitting next to her, I pulled her close to me and pulled her face down onto my waiting shoulder, sighing but this time in sadness. I've been in this situation way too many times. I've always told her he's a good for nothing cheater and to leave him but she never does. Everytime Michael would tell her it was a mistake and he'd change. Pfft.

She listens when I tell her, 'once a cheater, always a cheater.' but what I say just comes right out through the other ear. 

"Honey, break up with him. You deserve better and there are better guys out there. You know that." I attempted once more to put some sense into her brain when it comes to Michael. 

"But I love him!" She wailed into my ear. I winced. 

She continued to blubber on my shoulder. Her tears soaking through my thin tee. 

"T-they d-did it r-right a-a-after our date. T-that s-stupid skank R-rina!" She said in cry language. 

Next time I see Michael, I'm going to deck that little bitch.

"Shhh..." I cooed at her, getting damp strands of hair out of her face and smoothing it down on top of her head in soothing strokes. Because what else could I do? My bestfriend's a stubborn bitch.

Soon enough, she fell asleep, drooling on my shoulder. I really knew how to choose them. 

As gently as I could, although she really doesn't deserve gentle at the moment, I lifted her head off my shoulder and moved off the couch, laying her head on the pillows. I then lifted her legs onto the couch and covered her with the throw blanket. 

I know what I had to do now. 

I looked at my watch and swore internally. It was midnight. Just looking at the time, it made me yawn long and wide. But this needed to be done now unfortunately. She would need the B&J when she woke up.

The award for best friend of the year goes to....? Who the fuck else? Me.

Grabbing my keys off the dog bowl on the table by the door, I left quietly. 


Ten minutes later I was parked in the carpark of the closest supermarket that was open at this hour.

I got out of my car and raced to the sliding doors of the 24hr mart. I really should have brought my coat, I thought, as smoke left from my lips and nostrils. It's in the negatives (celsius) and all I was wearing was my still slightly damp tee and a thin cardigan I'd found in my car. I never really think things through, do I? 

I went into the store and shuddered as the warmth from the heaters hit my frozen skin.

I walked pass the dude at the nearest counter to me. He looked like he hated to live, hated life, and hated the living. His tired eyes followed me as I fast walked to the cold food section of the supermarket, weirded out.

Reaching the cold food section that had nobody in it, I skipped pass the frozen food, food. Stopping at where the frozen dessert was at. There it was! My babies... so many of them... although there was only one chocolate chip cookie dough left. I decided I would get the choc chip cookie dough for me and grab some Chubby Hubby and Chocolate Therapy for Ivy.

HAH. That irony. 

I reached out to open the freezer door...

"Excuse me." someone spoke, startling the shit out of me. 

"GAH!" I dropped my purse, managing to save my phone from dropping, thank god. Having cracked my screen twice already was more than enough for me. 

I moved to reach for my purse but he got there first, picking up my purse and handing it over to me. I couldn't catch a glimpse of this guy because the moment he stood up, he towered over me and he had a cap pulled down over his head, hiding his eyes. 

"I'm sorry, It wasn't my intention to scare you." He rumbled. 

I almost moaned right there. Could you marry a voice? Was it legal? I needed to know.

"No-no, it's okay." I rushed out. I mentally slapped myself left and right. 

Somewhere in the background I could hear what sounded like a scuffle coming from the front of the store. Probably some drunks from college striking up some trouble. I rolled my eyes. The sooner I leave this place the better. 

" I was just going to.. get that." He motioned to the freezer door I was going for. 

"Yeah-yeah." I hurled my words at him like the illiterate imbecile I was, then stepped away which I later found out would be a mistake. 

He gave me from what I could see, a twitch of lips then opened the freezer grabbing the last Ben & Jerry's choc chip cookie dough. 

My mouth gapped then closed exactly like a fish as I processed the unfairness of this situation. I know- first come first serve, but technically I was first. 

He shot me a winning smile then turned to leave. With my baby.

Hell nah!

"Hey, Stranger!" I yelled. A little too loud maybe? Cringe.

He turned back around but his lips were formed into a grin and if I could see the upper half of his face, I imagine an eyebrow would be arched. 

I lost my words for a second there and in which during that time he tilted his head, "Yes?" He asked. 

That voice... descended from sex gods... 

I cleared my throat. "Uhm- I was going to go for that." I pointed to the ice-cream he now held in his hands. 

He looked down to what I pointed at, then looked back up, smile still showing off his pearly whites. "Well, now it's mine, isn't it?" He challenged. 

Argh! That nerve... "I'm sorry but you don't understand what that ice-cream means to me." I grit out trying very hard to be pleasant at the same time. 

He strode in long strides to me until we almost touched, he looked down at me and I looked up. I was right underneath him, feeling small as hell. Damn my height.

"Oh yeah? What are you willing to do for it?" He asked slowly. Oh sweet lord baby virgin mary.


His voice could literally melt the panties off mother theresa. 

I stuttered on no particular word. Jeezus. I'm not usually like this, I swear! Must be some sex god mojo messing with my badass. 

"Hmm?" He pressured. Catching me by surprise, he tucked a strand of dark hair behind my ear, his fingers brushing my cheek. Tingles shot down from where he touched me from my neck to my toes. 

Faintly, I heard the sound of shutters of cameras? But nah, why would there be cameras anywhere near here. I must be hallucinating as well as illiterate.

Ice-cream stealer's head popped up as if he heard something. Maybe I wasn't crazy! He looked to the side with a deer caught in headlights look. That of course made me look as well. 

There. Stood...


What the actual fuck? Did a video of something embarassing I did go viral on youtube overnight? Pretty damn sure not. 

I look to my left and there it was, more paparazzi. 

I am so completely and utterly lost right not. 

"Chase! Chase! Look here!" A paparazzi yelled.

"Mr.Evans! Is that your new girlfriend? What's her name?" 

Chase? Mr. Evans? It finally got to me and I wanted to face palm myself and maybe give my head a few hard knocks, against a steel door. 

It was all so clear now but yet no way could I believe this was happening. Of all people my ice-cream stealer had to be a world known rockstar? 

I looked back to Chase and he looked torn between doing one thing and another. Having not much time to think, "fuck it." I heard him say, then he grabbed my hand in his, pulling me with him. 

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