His Best Man

What happened to Sherlock when he met Isabell? Did his deductive reasoning skills fade when he was in her presence? Will this story end in a happily ever after? Read to see...


1. Tomorrow

Tomorrow was the day that my manager was to marry the girl of his dreams. I took the invitation that I had received many weeks ago, and reread it. "John Hamish Watson and Mary Elizabeth Morstan welcome you to their wedding..." It had the date on it but I didn't bother reading that again, I already had it memorized. I looked up at the dress hanging on the wall of my room. The sparkling lavender dress looked longer that it actually was. I could not wait to wear it the following day.

I walked down the hall of my flat, heading to the kitchen. I heard my cell phone vibrate on the counter. John had texted me.

       Meet me at St. Bartholomew's. We need to talk.


I did as I was told and put my shoes on as quickly as I could. Then, I headed my way down the street to the place I worked at.

I was a biologist at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. I worked under Molly Hooper, a girl of which was younger than me and possibly more attractive. We never talked much, let alone worked beside each other. I entered to find John in the laboratory waiting. "You made it," he told me,"I need you to help me with something." I just had to figure out what he needed to say.

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