Emily and Jake

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7. The boy part 2

-Pashion had noticed that Emily had 'feel asleep' so Pashion had called the mysterious boy and said that she was ready and wanted to go early- 

-The boy had soon avried and they went off-

-Emily was not really asleep she was fakings so she can find out who this mysterious boy is she found out-

Emily:ITS NIALL HORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Pashion and niall had looked back and say Emily standing there in complete shock-

-Emily thought to her self 'how dear she not tell me that she was seeing one of the one directin boys hell i love them more then she does shyit- 

-Pashion had thought 'Emily was not supposed to see us yet i was going to..............- Pashion was cut off

Emily: How dare you not tell me that you are seeing NIALL HORAN with his dreamy hair, and his dreamy eyyeeesss...WAIT what am i saying i like HARRY more than anyone but sorry Niall I love Liams Abs more than anyones hahahahhahaha

Pashion: HAHA uhm first thing is that you were not supposed to see that and second thing we ARE NOT GOING OUT we are just really close friends and i was going to introduced y'all today because he is having the boys in town 

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