1. (Prologue) Sky

I have always been an outcast, a reject. the concept isn't new, never was.

I can't even remember the last time I didn't feel invisible or unwanted.

Aya always got all the attention, with her tantrums, attitude and blonde curls.

I was the opposite, always doing as told never talking back or out if place. and my hair was always brown and straight (or frizzy).

Aya and I are twins, fraternal NOT identical, no matter how many times we get told how much we look alike.

I'm fine with sticking out of the crowd, not that I'm ever in a crowd.... Well a crowd of more than three anyway.

Mali, Eric and I were our own crowd and we were okay with that. Who needs anyone else anyway right?

Mali snapped her fingers in front of my face dragging my attention away from my homework.

"During lunch? Really Sky?" Mali shook her pink and black head at me.

"Lunch is a time for gossip and food! Not homework! I swear girl, someone dropped you on the head as a child."

"Probably, they wouldn't have cared too much anyway." I said. "Where's Eric?"

"DT. He snuck into the principal's office to change someone's grades and got caught. Not that the principal knows why he was there in the first place but, we'll you know Eric."

And that I did, Eric was a total genius, not nerdy but definitely Einstein material. He often did "favours" for people, for a catch. and Eric would never pass up the opportunity to piss off his dad, no matter what the cost.

Mali was a lot like Eric in that way, destructive. (Especially when it came to her hair.) Her hair colour and style changed at least once every month. To be honest I was surprised she even had hair anymore with how much chemical she put in constantly.

Though Mali is known by her frequently changing style and hair, no one knows what goes in beneath her skin. Mali is actually a really sweet person (if she likes you). It's actually really surprising that she's not a cold hearted bitch like everyone else in her family.

The three of us have been friends since we were in kindergarten. We were all in the same class with the same snobby teacher.

"Do you want to skip the rest of the day?" Mali asked me.

I shook my head "You know I need these grades." I needed a scholarship because there was no way my parents would pay for college or university.

"It's two classes, c'mon Sky!"

I sighed "Fine, but we wait for Eric. I don't want to get yelled at for not bringing him again."

She laughed "It was pretty funny though."

I nodded smiling.

My happiness was cut short when Aya walked toward.

"I'm staying at a friends house tonight, cover for me will ya?" She kept going without waiting for my reply. "Thanks, see ya."

"No." she turned around confused eyebrows raised, silently asking if I had brain damage. "I'm staying at Mali's so I won't be there to tell them."

"Excuse me? you only have 'plans' because I have plans."

"No. We had this planned for like a week. You tell them yourself." I grabbed my bag and left, Mali following.

Before I was out of earshot I heard my sister say something that sounded a lot like "bitch". I shook my head she was clearly confused.

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