Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


8. Awakening

I laid there, twisted in Alessio's loving arms and completely under his spell. He looked so peaceful and calm laying next to me I really didn't feel like awaking him, but I needed to go to the toilet.

Gently, i lift his arm off of my waist, the heaviness taking me by surprise. 

" what are you doing to me, Kelsey?" Alessio's eyes pop open as he watches me curiously, smirking as his legs caught me from leaving. His long arms pulled me back down into a laying position as he wraps me up in a secure hug.

"I love you." He whispers, sending my heart racing. He just used the 'L' word for the first time. Was it too soon? Was i overthinking it? Do i need to say it back?

One eye opens curiously as if he knew i was over thinking it.

"I didn't mean to rush you," He stutters hoisting himself up onto one arm and nervously observing me. I smile at him, leaning forward and kissing his perky lips. It was a long, soul-searching smooch which drained all pain out of me. Every little discomforting thought fled my mind when his large, soft hands held my lower back gently. Obviously, he was trying not to hurt me, acting as if i was fragile.

"Don't do that." I say, him pulling away and looking very confused. Quickly, he pulled his hand away from my back as if i was talking about his touch. 

"Don't treat me like i am delicate." 

Swiftly, i take his hand and press it to my back harshly, then moving his other hand to my waist, curling his fingers around my curve, Then i kissed him fast and urgent, putting pressure into the kiss.

"I don't want to hurt you." He mutters, pulling away slightly. I wouldn't have that so i rolled on top of him, straddling him and taking dominance. My kiss got deeper as i lent over him, loving the way his hands gripped onto my waist. Our tongues preformed a magical dance as my hands roamed over his chest, feeling his broadness but mainly reminding myself he wasn't Jake.

Tossing my hair to one side, i pulled away from the kiss, innocently biting my lower lip and looking down at Alessio with unimaginable lust.

"Damn, you look..." Alessio breathed heavily as he took in me only wearing his shirt- nothing else. His hands gently stroked up my knee, eyes never leaving mine, waiting for me to tell him to stop. My teeth clamped down harder onto my lower lip as the pulsing started racing through me.

Flickering down, Alessio's eyes caught onto my long legs and he took a deep breath, gently moving his shirt up my knee (it was that long on me). However, this seductive moment soon vanished as his eyes narrowed onto my leg.

"Kelsey! What the-" He began, fury racing through his eyes. Quickly, he flipped us over and my cheeks heat up with embarrassment. Did i do something wrong?

His shoots up onto his knees and then lifts the shirt up on my leg. Leaning up on my arms, i look down to see black and blue bruises and white finger prints all the way up my thigh.

"Oh!" I gasp, averting my eyes. Humiliated, i pull away from Alessio who just watches me with pain, his eyes glazing over with a sad anger.

"He really hurt you." Alessio whispered, his voice becoming hoarse with pain. A lump in my throat formed and i shrugged. I was used to finding these types of wounds on myself.

"I am going to kill him!" He suddenly snapped, the anger echoing through the room. Alessio leaped to his feet, fists clenched and jaw tight.

"Alessio!" I cry out as he began to walk out the door. On my knees, i sat on his bed trying to hold back the tears. He turns around hesitatingly, the look of murder in his eyes washing over with sadness.

"Please don't. J-just... come here, p-p-please?" I whimper, sounding pathetic and weak as an unwilling tear dripped down my cheek.

Alessio quickly was by my side within seconds, wrapping me up in a tight, protective hug. My throat burned and a lump was forming as soft tears escaped my eyes.

"I love you, Kelsey, he deserves hell for this." He grunts, pulling away from the hug and watching me carefully. I couldn't look him in the eyes, i was humiliated. All i have done is cry and be weak in front of him. Where was the confident and sexy Kelsey?

"Baby? This isn't your fault." Alessio suddenly declares,

"He is a filthy little wanker, excuse my language." 

I shook my head, sniffling back the tears. My emotions were everywhere. 

"I love you Alessio, please help me."


Dressed and fed, Alessio and i drove to my workplace since i had to work a few shifts. My eyes couldn't peel away from the man besides me who wore the most gorgeous suit i have ever laid eyes on.

"Like what you see?" He teased me, pulling into the car park.

I gulped, knowing i had been caught but i wanted a mental image to keep me going for the rest of the day. Alessio twisted on the seat to face me with a knowing smirk,

"You can always come to work with me? If that will make you feel better-" He sighed sadly, taking my hand with a soft sadness.

"No, i need to earn some money, soon i will be taking you out on dates!" I laughed, forcing a smile to my lips when in reality, that was the last thing i wanted to do.

"Right, sure." He rolled his eyes and then checked his watch hesitantly. I knew he didn't want me to be alone, he kept trying to convince me to stay at home all morning.

"I will pick you up after work." He clarified as i nodded and kissed him on the lips. As i went to pull away, his hands secured my body in place, not letting me leave his lips as he stole my breath away. Light headed with kisses and passion, i clung onto him, responding with an urgency. 

"Still want to go to work?" Alessio smugly chuckled, pulling away. I hesitated for a while before shaking my head, forcing myself to snap out of this dream,

"Lips of the devil." I hiss sarcastically, climbing out of the car. Alessio's eyes remained glued to me as i slipped past a few drunks outside who jeered their usual slurs and into the building.

Quickly, i went to the bathroom, changing into my work clothes which was a tight, short skirt and a low cut vest top, it earned me the most money, before slipping behind the bar to begin my shift.

"Hey, girl." Stacey grinned, sitting opposite me as she sipped her lemonade.

"What are you doing here?" I laughed, wiping down the counter. She looked at my clothes and winked before pulling bright, red lipstick out of her bag.

"Put this on, will get you extra money." She smirks, handing me the makeup. I apply it, checking the quality of it in the back of a spoon.  

"Thank you. Want another drink?" 

She nods and i make her a lemonade, adding an extra lemon as i slide it over. She goes to pull out money but i insist it is on the house. 

"So, I came to accompany you at work. Louis and Alessio wants you on watch." She smiles sadly, reaching out and grabbing my wrist.

"So they make the pregnant woman sit in a bar... how mean!" I joke, switching the topics. Stacey knew that Jake was a horrid boyfriend and would never let us be alone, however, it didn't stop him from abusing me when she was gone. 

"Are you okay, babe?" She nervously asks, trying to connect her eyes to mine.

"I have a customer." I whisper, pulling my arm back and whisking over to the man on the far end.

"Two beers." He orders, forgetting his manners. I bite my tongue and hold back a few insults as i pour his drinks, handing them back to him.

"Seven pounds fifty, please."

He hands me a tenner and i exchange the change and then he wanders off. I serve three more customers, earning twenty pounds in tips before hurrying back to Stacey.

"So do you think you will have a girl or boy?" I ask her, pouring myself a beer.

"Oh, i really don't know! Louis wants a boy and i suppose that will be nice." She stammers, before trailing off into conversation about how she will decorate the baby's room. I smile politely but the pain of my parents room being demolished was effecting me mentally.

"I don't want to start decorating until i know the gender, you know?" She says, still talking as i serve another customer. I sip my beer, wiping down the counters again as she goes on about what colours she likes for a bedroom. The smile was genuine as it warmed my heart to see her gush over a topic that meant a lot to her.

"You are going to be the best mum." I assure her, leaning over and passing her a free pack of chips. Her belly growled as she quickly dug into the food, nodding nervously and still talking. Laughing, i listened to her ramble of thoughts.

My shift went on until five, the same time that Alessio finishes. I spent my entire time listening to Stacey and laughing at her crazy ideas, and not actually serving the customers. I drank more and more, trying to drown out the pain of walking from where my bruises and achy limbs rubbed against each other.

"Hey, Kelsey?" Stacey asked as i downed my sixth beer,

"Alessio will be here soon, let's go wait for him outside." 

I clumsy took off my apron and handed it to the next sucker who had the night shift  before stumbling out the pub. Stacey held onto my arm and still gossiped about the rumours she heard about some girl at her work place. I half halfheartedly listened, mainly focusing on the pleasant numbness of being drunk. 

My eyes lit up when i saw Alessio pacing towards us, his eyes latching onto me with curiousness. 

"Kelsey? Are you drunk?" He says, a little dumbfounded as he wraps his arm around my waist, holding me up.


My hiccup gave away my lie immediately.

"Thanks, Stacey. Do you need a lift home or something?" Alessio addresses Stacey and she shakes her head with amusement,

"It's fine, take care of the drunk."

I watch her turn away and climb into her car. My eyes avert back up to Alessio who has a frown sunken into his features and i dumbly brought my finger to his sharp cheek bone. Teasingly, i ran my finger across it before pulling away with a hiss,

"You cut me!"

My joke earned a little smirk but not wide enough for how funny i thought i was.

"What is up with you Mr.grumpy pants?" I grin, stumbling into the passenger seat of Alessio's car.

"Just a bad day at work, that's all."

His mumbling made me curious.

"Put your seat belt on." He instructed, climbing in besides me and starting the engine. Slowly, i done as he said as he pulled out of the car park.

"How much have you drunk?" 


"Six what?" 

"Beers." I smile innocently. Alessio shakes his head, trying to hide his smirk.

"Am i in trouble?" I frown, staring at the road ahead of me with focused concentration. He didn't seem happy.

"Course not. Whose lip stick are you wearing?"

"Stacey's." I smirk, glancing over to him. His hands were tightly clenched around the steering wheel as he took a sharp right,

"And i see you are not wearing the clothes you left in?" 

"Am i in trouble for going to work?" I sigh dramatically, slowly growing more and more irritated with his closed off mind. 

"No. You got a lot of tips, i am assuming." He quickly stares over to me, approvingly looking at my outfit.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"You look very hot."

His deep voice awakened something inside me and i giggled. With my laughter, Alessio stopped frowning and smirked before pulling into his road.

"Come on then drunky." Alessio teases as he helps me out the car. I stumble and fall into him, my body pressed up against his.

"Hello, there." I smirk mischievously before kissing him on the nose.

"You are smashed." 

"I wish you would smash me." 

My words fell from my lips without even thinking about them as i peered up at him with dangerous eyes.

"Let's go inside." Alessio gulps, leading the way into his home.

I stumble through the door and take off my heels, leaving them by the door before looking around for the first time. I never realised how rich Alessio's house was until i looked up to his gorgeous, white and black stars. His home screamed class with mahogany draws and black skirting boards, with expensive decorations.

"You okay over there?" Alessio chuckles as i stand staring up at his stairs with a white throw down the middle of the room. His house has four levels to it, clearly indicating his wealth.

"Your house is amazing." I breathed out in awe, clumsily following behind him as he led me into the kitchen. His kitchen was just as mesmerising with black, granite surfaces and dark, wooden cupboards.

"I have already ordered Chinese on the way to picking you up." Alessio grins at me and i tried to contain the joy within me. I loved take away foods.

"But in the meanwhile, do you want a drink of something or have you drunk enough?" He rolled his eyes, a hint of sarcasm shining through.

"Pour me something weak, i will let you catch up."

A mischievous sparkle twinkles in my eye as i creep over to Alessio pouring me a weak vodka and coke as he has a whole glass of whisky. My arms slither around his waist, hugging him from behind.

"I am sorry you had a bad day at work, want to talk about it?" I smile even though he wouldn't see my face. I feel him stiffen up and she shakes his head slowly,

"I don't want to worry you." 

"No, tell me. As your girlfriend, i demand to know what is troubling you." I stamp my foot, trying to be threatening but just look like a child throwing a tantrum. Alessio turns around and watches me with warm eyes.

"I like the way you say you are my girlfriend." He smirks, handing me my weak drink. I sip it with mischievous eyes.

"Tell me about your day." I finally demand after getting lost in the depths of his eyes.

Alessio sighs and shrugs,

"My personal assistant was fired. He was shit and ended up confessing to a whole load of secret missions to our enemy." 

My jaw drops,

"Oh!" That is all i could say. What else could you respond with?

"Yeah, he got hurt pretty bad for snitching." 

Alessio grunted and then sighed into his drink. I felt a shiver run down my back, i knew what he was capable of. 

"How are you going to fix the problem?" I frown, watching him with attentive eyes.

"I need a new P.A. first of all, but it takes years to build up the trust and i don't have that time." He grumbles,

"I have a trip to France soon where i need to find a dangerous man." 

He looked pained and shook his head, gulping down his drink before pouring a second one. We swam in our silence, a comfortable quietness with a warm tension until the doorbell rang with our food.

After demolishing the goodness, Alessio and i cleaned up, conversations about everything and nothing echoing around the room.

At this point, i was amazed that my eyes were still open as i stumbled over everything, drunk beyond capability. 

"Alessio." I smirked mischievously as i sat on his bed, gaining his attention. He was doing his teeth when i called him out. He strode out of his en-suite and stared at me with a naughty flicker in my eyes.

My fingers immediately rushed to the rim of my vest top, teasing the edges.

Alessio's eyes widened as he quickly spat out the tooth paste and rushed back into the room, eager to see more of my show. A cheeky smirk crept onto my lips as i knew i had him hooked onto my seductive little dance. 

My top came off slowly, eyes never leaving his as a tent in his pants grew. Sitting in my bra and a tight little skirt, i bit my lower lip and beckoned Alessio to come over to me. Dumbly, he stumbled over with amusement written in his eyes. 

My fingers crept over my bra cups and swiftly up my breasts, teasing Alessio with daring eyes. I had large breasts, i knew that, and it made it all the better that i was wearing a push up bra. They looked like two, big squishy pillows. 

"Kelsey-" Alessio croaked, forcing himself to divert his eyes,

"You are drunk, stop it."

I shrugged and pulled him, by the tie, closer towards me. I sat up onto my knees and pressed my forehead to his as i swiftly undone his tie and removed it. My breathing got heavier watching Alessio have an internal battle of morality.

"I really want to feel you." I tease, quickly undoing his shirt and tracing my fingers down his rock hard abs. Alessio grunted, his hands moving their way to my back after shrugging off his shirt.

"You are going to be the death of me." He growls, nipping his lips at my exposed neck. My head falls back as he sucked upon a particularly pleasurable spot, taking his time to caress me with the utmost respect.

"Hmmn," A little whimper left my mouth as he began to trail downwards, stopping just above my breasts and pulling away. His eyes looked as if they were torn, straining between being gentle or being ravishing. 

"We can't do this." He shakes his head, pulling away from me suddenly.

"Why not?" I gasp, hands falling to my side with sadness. I really just wanted to be with another man who will take care of me. Sex is all i know for showing passion. 

"You will regret it in the morning." He says more to himself than to me. I shake my head no,

"Please, Alessio. I won't, just..." 

I couldn't string enough words together for a justifiable reason. 

"I want you, baby." I whisper, taking a different approach. He is a cool headed man, reasonably thinking things out. If i could distract these thoughts, perhaps he will give in to the lust.

His eyes widened as my fingers trailed down my body and to my skirt.

"Kelsey! Stop it, now!" He barked but i ignored him. My skirt was quickly tossed to the side. I now sat in my little black thong and sexy push up bra. Alessio hardened even more and i could see him slowly giving in,

"But-" He whispered and then grew more authoritative,

"Get into bed now, Kelsey." 

I winked at him, turning around to give him a teasing view of my toned ass and crawled into the covers. From afar, i watched his heavy breathing as he removed his clothes, remaining in his boxers with a large tent in. A huge grin crossed my face, closer to victory. Alessio climbs into bed but sleeps on the edge, avoiding my touch.

"Baby?" I whimper to Alessio who visibly shivers with lust.

"I promise i wont do anything funny if you just cuddle me." 

Alessio stiffens and then hesitantly opens his arms. I spoon with him, mockingly rubbing my ass against his crotch which makes him growl,

"No funny business. Sleep now."  

"If you promise that in the morning you will make love to me?" I quietly whisper, fatigue growing on me. Behind me, i knew that my comment would be sending him into over drive all night. Good, be tortured you sex-depriver. 


(SCREAMING. PLEASE DON'T REPORT ME AGAIN LOL. I REALLY WANT TO WRITE A FEW NAUGHTY SCENES BUT I GOT INTO A LOT OF TROUBLE LAST TIME. SO PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU WOULD LIKE THEM OR NOT. IF NO ONE COMMENTS, I WILL HAVE TO ASSUME NO! ALSO, I NEED IDEAS. I STILL HAVE 189 CHAPTERS TO EDIT BUT TURNS OUT I AM CHANGING THE CHARACTERS ENTIRELY! IM SCARED. also, i am not editing since there are too many chapters to re-read over and over again so if you see any mistakes- which i am certain you will- please point them out to me politely in the comments. Love you) 





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