My reasons... - Liam Dunbar

When Casey McCall, moves in with her brother Scott and step mother Melissa, her world start rambling. She likes Liam and keep on doing that... but something goes wrong, especially when she finds out the secret of her brother and the guy she likes!


10. Just A Dream



I was woken up by a snoring person next to me. I then got a kick in the back and I fell of my bed with a loud thud." Ouch!" I yelled as I landed straight on my ass. I looked under the sheets to se a cute sleeping Liam snoring. He's cute when he's a sleep. Wait a second! Did we? Oh no please say we didn't..." LIAM!" I yelled causing him to wake quick up." Whaaaaat?" He said burying his head in MY favourite pillow." Look at me!" I demanded. He looked up from the pillow and searched the room." Down here!" I exclaimed." What are you doing on the floor?" He asked helping me up." Well you kind of, KICKED ME DOWN!" I yelled making some pretty big movements with my arms." Sorry" he said burying his face in my pillow again." Did we? You know..." I asked. I looked at our clothes on the floor. It was ours I'm sure. I was wearing my pyjamas and Liam some sweats." What are you talking about?" He asked looking kind of nervous." Well our clothes is spread out over my floor, sooo..." I said blushing. And I'm pretty sure that I looked like a tomato." No, no, no, no! We can't have done that! We didn't drink so maybe it was just a sleepover?" He said taking my hand." Hey, gu-" Stiles was broken of when he looked at us and the clothes on the floor." SCOTT!" Stiles yelled and rather fast Scott stood in the door looking at us." Guys, what did you do?" Stiles asked." It's not what it looks like I swear!" I quickly yelled." But we can't remember anything.." I continued." LIAM!" Scott yelled, and before Scott could get to Liam I was over Liam. Hovering him." CASEY!" Scott yelled." I swear it's not his fault that we can't remember! And we didn't do it!" I said looking over my shoulder to meet Scott's red eyes. When I saw the eyes my mood completely changed. I was creeped the fuck out. I buried my head in Liam's chest and started shaking." Scott why is she shaking?" I heard Liam ask. Everything got blurry and I hugged Liam harder. " I think she's scared!" Liam said hugging me back." Casey?" Liam asked looking at me. He looked into my eyes but I felt nothing. Normally I would feel a warmth in my stomach and a need to smile but now. I just saw cold blue eyes. His eyes then shifted to a bright yellow and I let out a scream. I tried to leave but Liam held me in my position." No, no let me go!" I yelled as tears streamed down my face. My vision blurred and I couldn't see anything. I then felt a pair of lips on mine. All my muscles relaxed and the warmth in my stomach came back. I started breathing normally again and my vision got normal." Please don't ever, EVER do that again..." I said looking at Scott." I'm sorry I couldn't control my anger. It happens sometimes." Scott said as he came closer. I didn't retract in Liam's arms as I knew I had to live with this!" We've got to work on your fear. We can't really do this if you're scared of us." Scott said taking my now cold hand." Shit! Why are your hands so cold?!" He asked starting to warm my hands." They're not cold! They are under oxygenated" I said looking at Liam. A last tear escaped my eye. Liam quickly caught it and took my hand." I need a shower " was what I said when I left the bed to get some clean clothes." Sure! I'll get dressed then." Liam said as I left the room. I locked both doors and started crying. Warm tears streamed down my cheeks as I got undressed. I can't believe that this is my life now. I need to leave Liam. I need to. It's. For. The. Best. Sobs started to build up. I let out a few and stepped in under the warm water. I let the water warm up every inch of my cold body and then get cold again when the water ran longer down my body. I filled the bathtub with a little too warm water and laid down. I pulled the curtain in front of me and just laid back. I closed my eyes and let the thoughts escape as I drifted away in a deep sleep.




" Liam stop it!" I laughed as he kissed down my neck." Why would I?" Was his answer. All my muscles froze when I felt a pair of sharp teeth on my neck. Liam looked up at me with bright yellow eyes." Please Liam you know th-" he interrupted." I know you are scared! That's the point." He said kissing me. I broke of the kiss and turned my head." Why?" I asked looking him deep in those yellow eyes." I want you to be scared! When I kill you!" He yelled trying to bite my neck." Please!" I yelled as I turned away from him avoiding his fangs." Come on! Let's have some fun!" Was the only thing he said before trying again." No!" I yelled trying to get away, but with him being so strong it was hard." Scott!" I yelled." I'm sorry honey! He's not here!" Liam looked at me with red eyes. I froze and looked into those red eyes reminding me of Scott." Where's Scott!" I yelled pulling away once again." Scott!" I tried again but no answer." SCOTT!" I yelled even louder.




I was woken up by Scott shaking me. I had a wild headache and it was all blurry." Wh- what are you doing in he- here?" I asked getting the curtain to cover my private parts." You yelled my name and you were shaking widely." I guess I was having a bad dream." Was my answer." Get on some clothes, okay?" Scott asked. I nodded and Scott left closing the door behind him. I heard people talk on the other side of the door." Oh hell no!" I whispered to myself. I was not going in there I have to get out! I slowly dried my body and put on my clothes making as little noise as possible. I then realized that I had no shoes on. Fuck! There must another way. Wait! I have someone downstairs! Haha! I slowly walked out the door to my brothers room. I looked around before opening the door completely. I then listed out the door and made my way to next door in my way. Luckily for me it wasn't closed. I walked through the door and down the hallway. I reached the stairs and started walking down. One of the steps creaked and my whole body froze. I stood completely still afraid of my brother hearing it. Nothing happened so I guess he didn't hear anything. I continued to walk and I reached the bottom of the stairs I silently ran across the floor to find my shoes." There you are!" I said as I found my shoes." Casey?" Scott asked and I heard him coming. Fuck! I quickly got my shoes on and ran out the door. I ran and continued to run. Looking back would hold me back so I didn't. I just ran. And I didn't stop. Until I ran into a familiar person.


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