1. gone

Hey I am Hannah Clifford yes I am Mikey's sister he is my older brother hi is 19 I'm 14 we have no siblings and no parents he is like my protector he doesn't let anything happen to me. makes sure I am always safe he doesn't even let me date me and Mikey own our own house and his friends live with us so I am always surrounded by boys his friends names are Luke calum and ashton they each have nicknames Luke is penguin calum is cal pal and Ashton is ash I was in my room cause I am always in there I heard the boys downstairs I walked down they were in the couch I sat on the chair they all looked at me weir I said what Mikey said you came out of your room and I didn't even have to bring you down I said yeah he said do you want to do a movie night I said sure he said you and Luke can go to the store and get snacks so go get changed then you can leave I went upstairs and put on skinny jeans and a crop top and my ugh so went down Luke was ready we said bye to Mikey me and Luke walked to the store got snacks and left and went home I went and changed and put on some sweatpants and the flannel Mikey got me for my birthday I went down they were waiting Mikey said you and Luke can sit over there I said okay I say next to Luke and put my head on his shoulder he said are you tired my little penguin I said yes I am big penguin we both love penguins so he is big and I'm little penguin I love luke and the rest of the boys like my brothers except Mikey cause he is we all fell asleep I woke up Luke woke up to he asked if we should wake them I said no I said I'm going to bed you coming he said sure I went In my room and saw someone had busted my window open and wrote everywhere I couldn't stay in there luke told me I could sleep in his room I said okay we went to his room I say on his couch he said you can sleep in my bed with me if you want I am like your other brother I said okay my big penguin I laid down he pulled me close to him I fell asleep when we woke up it was 930 we got up the others were still asleep we woke them up and said let's go to the mall

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