Pathogen Z

Rae and Ellie aren't your typical teenage girls. They wield guns and knives designed to kill the undead. Follow them through their journey of death and tragedy into their days to come.


2. The highway

“Oh shit” Rae creeped towards the car and pulled out her knife.

Ellie kneeled down about twenty feet away from the car and pulled out her revolver and held it in a position that if necessary, she’d kill.

The silence was deafening and a dim light in the car was notable. Rae knocked on the glass and a decaying face pressed its face against the glass. The dim light was the whites of her eyes. Its jaw was slack and its gaze was dull. Her name was Susanna. The girl who caused a commotion as to who was going to be riding in the car and who was not.

Shame. No one deserves to die.

Rae turned to Ellie who had a gun pointed at her head.

“James, what the hell are you doing?” Rae said expressionless.

Ellie looked over at Rae. Rae was looking straight at Ellie.

“I have no intention of killing her. I wouldn’t understand.”

“Evidently I don’t, so please do your best at explaining why the hell you’re pointing a gun at the back of my friends head.”

“I’m a bandit. My job was to infiltrate the fort ‘Titan’ and steal supplies. I had to do whatever necessary because they took my sister. I was the one who opened the gates and let the undead in… I … I put some supplies in the back of that car right there. I thought the supplies had gotten away up until now. I just need to somehow manage to flip that car back over and then i’ll be on my way. I promise.”

“If you’d like to establish some form of trust by saying I promise, then you’ve got it wrong. Let go of Ellie and i’ll help you.”

James grip on the gun tightened and Ellie flinched. Her hands had balled into fists and her face had turned into stone.

“Let go of her now!” Rae could see the accumulating stress piling upon Ellie’s face. “Let’s make a deal.”

“A deal?” His grip on the gun loosened.

“If you let Ellie go, we’ll help you get your sister back, but you can’t remain a bandit. You have to escape with us.”

“Do you really think you can take down a group of fifty men all by yourselves?”

“You’d also be helping. Just let Ellie go. We’ll even kill the zombie inside and help flip the car over. The only condition is that you give us your full trust and cooperation, and you’re not allowed to drive.”

After about five minutes of pure silence, it became sobs. James dropped to the floor and cupped his hands over his eyes. He repeated “Thank you” over and over again. Ellie turned around and hugged him. He dropped his gun and buried his face into her shoulder.

Rae turned back around to the what once was Susanna and opened the door. She wobbled out like a seesaw missing a screw. Her nails dug into the asphalt as her mouth opened wide exposing muscle and tendons. Her eyes started to bulge out of her head and boils were forming at the base of her neck. Her sluggish motion made it easy for Rae to bring her foot down on Susanna’s head a total of fifteen times. All that was left was a body missing a head. Brains formed a thick layer on the bottom of her shoe.

“Come over here you guys. I can’t do this by myself. It’s getting dark and I have a bad feeling about being out here. For one we don’t even know what happened to the others that were in the car and why this car was flipped over.”

James and Ellie jogged over. The car was so much heavier than its small exterior let on. It took five relentless pushes before the two thousand pound vehicle was finally right side up. The roof was still intact and not completely demolished under the weight of its base. We kicked out the smashed windshield and wiped down the seats with some old cloth.

“Check the engine and make sure everything is running smoothly. I’m going to just push the rest of the remainder of the body to the side of the road.” Ellie grabbed Susanna’s ankle and started dragging her to the side of the road.

Rae turned on the car by using James skills of hot wiring automobiles. She looked under the hood and checked everything at the minimum of three times. “Alright lets go!”

Ellie sprinted over and threw open the door and jumped into the back. “Let’s go!”

Panic in her voice shook the whole car. Rae slammed the hood shut and hopped into the drivers seat. James slid into the passenger seat.

“Have you ever driven before?” James said urgently.

“Nope!” Rae slammed her foot on the gas pedal and gripped the wheel. The speedometer climbed from zero to one hundred thirty. Ellie looked back to see undead pouring out from in between the trees like puss.

“So where to?” Ellie whispered

“We continue to the end of the highway. Then we go to the fort.” James looked down at his feet.

“What do you mean the fort” Ellie’s voice was hoarse.

“We took over the fort about a week ago.”


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