Married To Bieber

Maleniah is a stay at home wife, while her husband is Justin Bieber, he is mostly in the studio, at the club, or on tour.


1. One Good Surprise, One Not So Good

Maleniah looks at herself in the mirror, and begins to cry, realizing that the day has finally come. Today she will become a wife.
Maleniah: oh my gosh..I can't believe he even asked me to marry him.
Miss Hill (Maleniah's mother): I can't believe you married a white boy.
Maleniah: race isn't everything mom.
Miss Hill: that's right. I forgot I raised you right.
<end of flashback >
 Maleniah sits in the bathroom thinking about the wedding day while waiting for her test results. 
<beep beep beep beep>
Her timer went off and she jumped up to look at the test, she had mixed emotions about the results. She was just about to sit back down when all of a sudden..
Justin: baby, where are you? 
Yelling for her from their bedroom. Maleniah has tears in her eyes as she throws the text in the trash and walks to Justin.
Maleniah: why are you yelling?
Justin: why do you look like you were crying?
Justin gives her a concerned look, and wipes the tears off her face with his thumbs.
Maleniah: no reason..
Justin: well, I have something that will cheer you up!
Maleniah: what?
Justin: concert tickets to see my show! You always said you wanted to see your man do his thang!
Maleniah rolls her eyes, flips her hair, walks over to their bed, and lays on it. She covers herself with blankets, and acts like she's sleeping. Justin knows that this is a sign to leave her alone.
Justin: well, I'll just..go eat something then..
His spirit is crushed, but Maleniah's stomach is in extreme pain, and she's trying to hide it from Justin.

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