A Love Triangles

Megan has only ever liked one guy, but when her friend goes behind her back and starts dating him, what's she supposed to do?The good thing is her friend's friend becomes more frequent in her life. The bad thing? Her old crush and new friend both start to develop feelings for her, and now she can't choose.


1. Tristan?

 I turned towards him. He was sitting with his friends, laughing, just like always. But there was something different... This time, there was a girl next to him.


 I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. But that didn't mean it wouldn't hurt when it did.


 He's obviously had girlfriends before. But this was worse. The girl beside him was my friend. Someone I had known since middle school. Someone whom I'd told about my crush on the guy whose arm she was hanging off of. Someone who had broken my trust by saying that she didn't like him, but said yes when he asked her out.


 I knew that I would have to get over him sooner or later, but there was still that small sliver of hope in my heart that made me think, Maybe, just maybe. Now I knew, though. Now I knew that I had no chance with him. And it took my friend betraying me to realize that.


 In my heart I was sure that I had known this would happen for a long time. I had seen my friend sneaking glances at him when she thought I wasn't looking. I just thought it was the boy beside him. But no. I could tell now that it's wasn't.


 Getting lost in my thoughts, i was startled when I heard a deep, melodic voice coming from the seat next to mine. Turning towards the voice, I almost gasped. It was a boy. A very attractive boy, with slightly curly brown hair, of around 17. A year older than me.


 "What?" I asked, slightly dazed by his soft features.


 "I asked if you were alright? You seemed a little lost there."


 "Oh.. No, I'm fine." I turned towards the table my friend (ex-friend) and crush were sitting at, but couldn't seem to gather the nerve to even care anymore. It was as if some big change had occurred.


 "You sure? You can tell me if there is, you know." He pushed his glasses up slightly, enhancing his eyes. Oh, his eyes. They were a deep green, with flecks of brown in them, and a beautiful blue surrounding the edges. And there was this sparkle in them, too. A sparkle of mischief she was used to seeing in my older brother's eyes when he was feeling particularly humored. But my brother's sparkle wasn't nearly as endearing as his.


 "I'm Tristan, by the way," he said, seeming slightly uncomfortable by my gawking. "If that makes you feel any better about telling me..."


"Oh! Um, no, it's fine, I was just... Um.... Thinking! Yeah, that's it! Uh... M-My name's Megan..."


 He laughed, a rough, muscular laugh. "Ya know, you're actually kinda weird, Megan. I-"


 "Who are you calling weird, you jerk?!" I stuttered slightly, blushing as I did so. Which was weird. I never blushed.


 "I was going to say,'You're actually kinda weird, Megan.'" I spluttered indignantly, once again, but he shushed me. "'I like it.'"


 I blushed even more so this time.


 "W-Well... I-I.... Whatever!" I said, flustered, looking away, hoping he wouldn't be able to see my now more pronounced blush.


 He smirked, standing up, and walking away. He stopped when he was almost 10 feet away, turning around so suddenly it made my head spin. "Oh, and Alex says to stop moping around."


 Alexandria, also known as Alex, had been my best friend since 1st grade. She was a light-skinned brunette, like me, but unlike me, she had brown eyes. Her personality was, also, completely opposite of mine. She was the the smart, talkative, beautiful one. I was the quiet, shy, average-looking one. We were complete opposites, and yet exactly the same. And we told each other everything, which is why I'm so confused as to why this guy was sending me a message from Alex, and yet I'd never once heard her mention someone named Tristan.


 "W-Wait!" I nearly shouted.


 "Yes?" He asked, with a teasing smile on his face.


 "How do you know Alex?"


 "She's in all of my classes, except for my elective."


 "Weird," I murmured.


 He turned to leave once again, looking over his shoulder, at me, as he did so.


 "See ya, later," he said.







 After the bell rang, I aggressively pushed my way through the large mass of people, making my way to Alex’s locker.  We were, sadly, on opposite sides of the hall, so it was incredibly hard to get to her locker, or even see if she was there.


  Suddenly, I’m lying on the floor, my books spread out before me. I look up through my lashes, meeting the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen before. After looking more closely, I noticed a playful spark, that I had become familiar with after always seeing them catch me staring. There was a kind of surprise in his eyes, as I’m sure there was in mine.


 I look down, blushing, as I fumble with my books, trying to pick them up fast enough before he can say anything. As I stand, someone pushes me, trying to get me out of there way, making me stumble. The boy’s arms caught me before I could fall, holding me to his chest.


 “Woah! Are you alright, Megan?” The boy asked. It wasn’t a surprising thing that he knew my name - we had been in almost all the same classes since 4th grade, though when high school started, two years ago, we ended up in completely schedules,  him, still in regular classe, me, going to honors - it still surprised me


 “I-I’m fine, John..” I mumbled, smiling up at him quickly, before tearing myself from him, looking down at my shoes. Being this close to him affected me more than it should. I had hoped that I was over him. Obviously I was wrong.


 When I finally look up, I notice a girl coming up from behind John. Someone whom I recognized immediately, unwilling though it was.


 Her curly blonde hair was bouncing as she practically skipped to John’s side, her bright, blue eyes smiling.


“Hey, John!” she said sweetly, her smile faltering in unison with my careful as we both looked to each other.


“Hey, Kacey,” he greeted.


“Well… I’ll just go then.” I said, expecting them to not be listening. But I was wrong. As I turned, once again making my way to Alex’s locker, I caught John’s eyes staring at me.




 “OH MY, GOD!”


 “It’s not a big deal, Alex.”


“Are you kidding me?! How is this not a big deal?! He stared at you when you were leaving! Stared!”


Alex had apparently seen the whole fiasco involving John, Hannah, and me. And when I say everything, I mean everything. From the obvious things that occurred (e.g. me falling, him catching me), to the small, minuscule details (e.g. the sparkle in John’s eyes, Hannah’s smile faltering).


 We were now standing in the bus loop with the rest of our weird group of friends.


 “Are you serious??” Lily said.


  Lily was very much like me in the fact that we were book-nerds, pretty much never putting our books down. We also had the same color hair and style, hers slightly shorter than mine. one thing that differed in out physical features was our eyes. Hers were a blue-gray that looked like almost like a storm was raging.  


 “My precious, my precious!” Jackson cried, as his book fell from his hands.


 Jackson was… by far the weirdest one in the group with his constant babbling about his ‘precious’.  He was a total Lord of the Rings geek, if you hadn’t noticed. He had dirty blonde hair, that shone nearly like platinum blonde in the sunlight, and a pair of ocean blue eyes that had a very deep, inquisitive feel to them.


 “Guys! Come on! I’ve got some real problems here! My crush doesn’t like me!” Kian shouted out exaggeratedly. Silence was the only thing that followed.


 “Kian,” Lily  growled. ”Have you not been listening to the past ninety-nine conversation we’ve had?”


 “Um… Hehe, I was just… Uh, I’ll see ya later, guys.” He ran off before Lily could pummel him into the ground.    


 Kian was the one who exaggerated everything and anything that has ever happened to him, and with black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin he didn’t stick out. But considering he was the quiet type, and his physical attributes, he attracted bullies to him very easily. But that’s why we were here. Whether he liked it or not, one of us was almost always near him. But he still sometimes needed a punch or two, from one of us, when he could only focus on himself.


 “Was that… Kian? Why was he running away?” Bailey asked, popping up out of nowhere.


 “Oh, you know,” Alex said. “The usual:  Kian starts to only talk about himself, Lily gets mad, Kian continues to only talk about himself, Lily goes for the punch, and Kian finally takes the hint, running away.”


 Bailey was the slightly inappropriate one, but only sometimes. There were still many good qualities in him. He was absolutely the funniest person you would ever meet, always knowing exactly when to make a joke, and when it just wasn’t the right time. There were even some moments when he was sweet, rare though they were. Funnily enough, he was always making comments about how majestic animals were. And he was always doing hair-flips, making his brown hair cover his playful light blue eyes which were framed by his (as Lily would sometimes call them: nerdy) wide framed glasses.


 “Will you guys please stop talking for once, and pay attention to the teachers shouting at us to get on our buses?” Kylee said, half laughing, half serious, as she stood up from her spot on the curb, grabbing her bag and walking towards her bus.


 Kylee was the one genius of the school, always studying for tests and quizzes, yet still finding time for hanging out with friends. She was the sweet, innocent girl that you see in movies who always end up getting the guy. Her blond hair bounced slightly in her ponytail as she walked farther and farther away from us, her spring blue eyes turning toward us one last time before finally getting on her bus.


 “Well,” I said. “I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow?”


 We all parted right after I said this, each of us saying our own goodbyes to each other, my thoughts drifting back to the handsome boy named Tristan.


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