A Love Triangles

Megan has only ever liked one guy, but when her friend goes behind her back and starts dating him, what's she supposed to do?The good thing is her friend's friend becomes more frequent in her life. The bad thing? Her old crush and new friend both start to develop feelings for her, and now she can't choose.


3. Chapter 3

  We walk out of the bathroom, after our so sophisticated talk about the "secrets of the universe" which turned out to be a bunch of crap about how Tristan and I were just meant to be together, and how I was an idiot for not noticing. I meant really. I just met him, and yet they're already planning our future together.


 "Ugh, I don’t wanna go to class!" I say.


 "Well, don't." I scream somewhat loudly as someone pops up next to me.


 "OH MY GOD! JACKSON!!" I slap his shoulder lightly. He always comes out of nowhere. Sometimes I think he does it on purpose, considering the almost unnoticeable smirk that appears on his face.


 "What?" He says innocently.


 "Ugh. Jerk...." I say, not unkindly.


 "How'd you catch up to us anyway," Alex asks.


 "Well, you know, considering the fact that Tristan was so eager to catch up with you-" Kian immediately stops, flinching, as Tristan glares.


 "I-I mean..!"


 "S-So, um, Megan, what's your next class?" Tristan asks me, sputtering slightly.


 "French." I answer, still blushing about what Kian said.


 "Cool! I've got gym," he says scrunching up his nose in an endearing way.


 Wait. Endearing?


 I did not just think that!! I only just met this guy, I can't be thinking things like that already!!


 As I get lost in the internal argument raging on inside my head, we all go our separate ways, heading toward our lockers.




"Donc, la conclusion la classe d'aujourd'hui, votre devoir à la maison sera à-..."

 I zone out, staring at the clock above the door, waiting for the bell, that would signal the end of the day, to ring.


 Tick... Tick... Tick... Tick....




 Everyone is on their feet when they hear the shrill sound of the bell, pushing and shoving their way past people to get out of school quickly, as Madam Margarette continues to try and tell us last minute information.


 Unluckily, I am, as always, the one being shoved rather than the shove-r, so of course I end up falling on to the person that I try so hard to avoid.






 Why does this keep happening to me?!


 "You know, we really should stop meeting like this." I can hear the smile in his voice even without looking up.


 "Yeah... Probably." I attempt a laugh, but fail miserably.


 “Well, I should probably go before my bus leaves. See you around?”


 “Y-Yah! Sure!” I try to hid the enthusiasm in my voice. He actually wanted to see me more! Ugh, come on, Megan, I think. You don’t like this guy anymore. Keep it together!


 My thoughts don’t stop me from staring at his back as he walks away.




 "You fell into him? Again?"


 "This is the last time I'm going to tell you, Alex. I didn't fall into him. I was pushed."


 "It's not like it makes much of a difference, anyways," Alex argued. "And anyways, I don't like this."


 "'This'?" I question.


 "You know. This. Him talking to you all of a sudden and you being more than OK with it! And plus, I just don't ship it that much anymore."


 "You don't ship it anymore?" I ask, amused.


 "Nope. I have decided to ship a more.... Interesting pairing."


 "And what is that?" I regret the question immediately after I ask it.






 "Yah, you and Tristan," she says, distracted, as she mumbles to herself. "Or should it be Mistan. I can't really decide... We'll have to see what the guys think."


 I sigh, climbing up the steps of our bus. Talking about us getting together is one thing, giving us a ship name, though… This must mean she’s serious. Oh, joy! (Note the sarcasm)




 I lay comfortably on the couch in Alex’s living room, the lights off,  a box of tissues in front of me, turned towards the TV watching The Fault in our Stars.


 I sniffle, “Augustus…”


 “Stupid cancer...” Alex cries.


 We bawl, watching as Hazel gets the call from Augustus’ mom.


 “It wasn’t Hazel who was the grenade...” I mumble, sadly.


 “Why did I even agree to watch this?” Lily asks herself, a single tear falling from her eye. This wasn’t usually her thing, so her letting us watch this was rather baffling.


 “Guys… How have I never seen this movie before?” Kylee asks us through her tears.


 “I don’t even know. Now do you understand our reasoning for wanting to watch this with ice cream?” I ask, holding up my carton of Ben & Jerry’s triple chocolate fudge. Before we started out little slumber party, we all went in my car to go to Walmart and bought one carton of our favorite flavor for each of us.


 “Definitely,” she says, shoving a spoonful of vanilla ice cream into her mouth.


 We finish watching watching the movie 30 minutes later, our tears only slightly dried up.


 “Well,” Alex says, smiling evilly. “now that that’s over. Why don’t we gather ‘round and have a little… girl talk.”


 Oh no, I think.


 Two minutes later, we’re all sitting in a circle.


 “Sooooo. I think Megan has something to tell us.”  Alex says, while Lily smiles knowingly.


 “Um, I actually don’t think that my life is that interesting.. I mean I’m more interested in hearing about-”


 “Oh no, you don’t. You like someone,” Alex interrupts my spluttering. “Come on! Admit it!”


 “What?” Kylee says. “Megan likes someone, again?”


 “No,” I answer, at the same time Alex says, “Yes.”


 Alex turns to me, “Yes, you do! I know you! Come on, admit it.”












 “Fine! You obviously don’t realize it yet, but you will.”


 “I don’t even know what you’re talking about! How can you know who my crush is before I do?”


 “Because, once again, I know you. And I also know that you’re stubborn and that it takes forever for you to admit something.”


 I sit in silence as Kylee and Lily’s eyes bounce between us, as though watching a tennis match.


 “Well,” Kylee says. "How about another movie? I vote Harry Potter.”


 As the movie plays, I ponder what Alex said to me. It was true. I was a very stubborn person.


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