The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


1. chapter 1

I glance around thinking that the Neocolian wizard has to be around here somewhere.  I start to remember my teachings from my master Gragan or what I call him Grag.  I am a myter, or a mystical Huntress. I am rained from the land of Kegraw, the land of collection and rarities.

I search for these rarities that would help the Kingdom thrive or predict its fortunes or misfortunes. However I just like the thrill so I tend to decorate myself and my own home with my findings that is left over from the king’s pickings, since that is my job. Sadly I work alone most of the time.

The reason for this is because I had too much sadness with these people, each one I had to leave behind or left for my reason and my reason alone.  I think I work best alone since it had been years since I had someone with me. I looked back in my mind to my last Spellbound partner Macel whose Elven like ears was being quite useful at the moment other than the fact that he is quite clumsy and is annoyed if anyone calls him an Elf just because of the ears, or what used to be the ears before the last mission before he perished. Every moment was on my own momentum and each time I had come home a little stronger but this time I am not at home.

I am at a wizard’s palace. The dark walls that were around me marked the last leg of my journey as I hear something take my attention away from concentrating on going the right direction as the sounds of a gigantic beast came pounding down the hallways.

I started to look for a way out or a place to hide for a moment and I did as I placed my hand on the indent that was standing out that marked a passage way. I quickly ducked in there as the steps got closer and closer making the room shake and me grasping for a way foe balance.  I placed my hand on the walls to stabilize myself and then watched as the beast came across my hiding spot.

I slowed my breathing to where it was almost like I was dead while the huge three-clawed creature came down the same hallway that I was. The redness of its eyes was mysterious enough but the darkness of its skin and the powder that radiated from it. I could use that powder for many items and Grag could use the powder in time glasses, something that is needed in the Kingdom desperately and I would get rich off of it because the powder is sand that has to be mixed with magic and there is very little of the population that wants and willing to do it, me I am not that sort of magic.

I started to get my sword out of its holster. The soft sound of it wanting to fight again made me crave for it as usual. “Good morning to you my friend. Did you enjoy the nap?” I asked but suddenly the monster must have heard me as it growled loudly in my direction. The deep roar was one that I had to cover my ears for pretention since my helmet was a classic chainmail.

The eyes had spotted be as the dark crescents that were paired in threes that were in the center of its fore head and a mouth that dripped of the black sand when it growled on me. From the top to bottom the mouth the sand dripped slowly.

I didn’t want to admit it but I felt scared but being scared always gave me more strength than anything else. I held the sword at the ready for another fight to the death than to get the sand to carry back home with the next leg of my mission with me which is the wizard’s cripted wand and potion maker the wand was going to help me train in magic more than what I already have in the basic format though this wizard might not have a cripted wand but it would be nice to have since it could have anything and is specially designed for that person. I am not allowed to have one since I am not a full mage.

Suddenly the door started to close on me. I was not in a good spot for that as the place got darker and darker. I dropped my sword thinking that if I was going to get the sand than I was going to need to get through this door.

I grasped my hands around the door and pulled with my might. I tried again and again while my grip failed me each time. I started to feel a bit panicked as I lost my grip for the last time before the door closed behind me and sealed tight. I felt around in the total darkness for at least another way to open this door but it became useless.

“Great.” I huffed as I scurried on the ground for my sword. I found the blade tip unfortunately as it stuck the tip of my hand. I felt the small pain shoot through my arm but it wasn’t too bad so I shook it off and felt the mettle to the hilt.  I slowly picked it up not being able to see the colorful hilt made out of a decomposing unicorn horn that had the magical powers drained and padded for grip as well as pretention.

“Laflameo.” I said as I snapped my fingers to solidify the mini spell. I felt lucky that there were torches in this tunnel as each one lit two by two till the entire part of the hall that I could see was lit. I was confident that I could find my way around this as I fallowed the torches relighting them every other moment with the spell since it only lasts a short time.

I walked through the torchlight thinking that I am completely off of my target. Every second I waste is a second that this monster can return to the Wizard and warn him about me. I kept going till the torches stopped and I was wondering why till I blindly bounced off of the wall.

The wall seemed to fuse with my face a little till it quickly let me go to only stumble a few steps back. I felt the coldness of the walls just like the ones from earlier onto my face and the embarrassment that came with it with the thankfulness that nobody saw that.

 I felt around for something useful, like a way out. I didn’t think I would find another cinderblock that I happen to open to the other side of whatever this place leads to. I taped the blocks to hear anything different in the stones to notion that there might be a trigger to open this wall but to my luck the wall did nothing but leave my hands almost numb.

I  could see that my torches were going out so I redid the spell but I couldn’t keep doing this for long for I only have a limited supplies within my own body before I use so much that I can’t do anything till after I rest. “This is amazing, I am stuck here.” I huffed wondering if there might be something else that might be the trigger for this end like the stone was for the other side.

There was something about one of the torches that I didn’t realized till I passed it for the however number of times I passed it but didn’t look like the other ones. The shaft looked thicker than the one a little bit away as it had a lower flame than the rest like it was meant to go out first. I grasped around the holster of the torch and the mettle didn’t even feel hot like it should but it was a nice room temperature. I touched the hilt and it was the same result and I found it odd that this one was like no one else in these rows.

I moved my hand up the wooden torch and pulled it down. The embers of the flame fell right in front of my feet making my new boots a bit scuffed but that is the beauty of new boots, breaking them in.  

I huffed in disbelief that the experiment didn’t work. I was starting to wonder how long I was going to be here as I set my mail aside for now. I decided to take a moment’s rest since it will be a miracle if anyone found me now since I am in the deepest sector of any castle and that I am not sure how much personal manna I have left.

However, that moment’s rest was only that long. A moment.  I heard the sound of stone moving against one another as I gathered my items as fast as I could. I got my sword at the ready but my mail I left alone on the floor since I know that I could live with one fight without it. I could hear Grag right in my ears saying to grab the helmet since it is more coverage from a spell.

The hatched opened to a room with a lavish bookcase that stretched everywhere except a few windows that is perfectly set with different workstations like a writing experiments and observing the start. I felt like everything was here for the taking as I easily found a bag and went to work.

I snatched everything that I could find in that bag that I thought would be necessary since this wizard is the darkest but most knowledgeable in the lands. I started with picking every single sand container that this wizard had and then I went on with my list. The potion maker set easily went into the bag as well as a few spell books that housed the testaments of dragon training to the basics of plant handlings.

I felt my bag get heaver and heaver, making me know that I should close the thieving ring soon since I have everything that I need and then some until I see the one thing I need personally, a cripted wand.

I slowly went towards it, being careful of traps or something like a wizard’s second eye candles. I felt my hands shake uncontrollably while my heart pound in my chest. I could feel the beads of sweet gather in my hair since each step I took was like a little bit of success until I reached my peak.

 I could see a language that I never seen engraved on this wand that I so desperately want to use. The want to use this was so riveting that I reached out and slid my hands underneath the item. The warmth was a welcome to me as I slowly picked it up from its holster and I could tell that this wand was built for me and its soon to be former master. I loved the engravings and how it felt with my dominate hand as I waved it around wildly and trying my hardest not to think about any spells.

“What are you doing with my wand?” I hear someone boom behind me as I was facing the holster about ready to place the wand in my bag. I felt a sudden pull as the wand was stripped from my hands and into the hands of my enemy.

“I would like it for my collection.” I chimed and he smiled like he was thinking that I just lied to him but I haven’t yet. I glared at him with flames in my eyes that matched the flames that were in those torches. 

“And what about my things?” he chimed and I gave him the widest smile that I could give him with flames that burned brightly in my eyes.

“Property of King Westend of Kegraw.”  I boosted and the Wizard came closer into the light. His tattered robes were full of age as was his face and very thin hair.  I could tell that he had been in his abode for a long time and to only come out when in need of supplies.

“You think that these things that you are stealing are Property of the King?” The Wizard questioned and I nodded thinking that I should be ready for a fight. I hear my sword wake by the soft sound of it rubbing against the mettle top of the holster.  “Then the king should have not sent a woman to do a man’s job.” The wizard laughed as I could tell he was choosing his spells to match me unknowingly watching my skill level.

“I am a mystical hunter Sir, I had climbed my way up and I need your wand to be my crowning achievement thus far.” I chimed and it must have been funny to this high and mighty Wizard as he busted out laughing. His voice boomed through the aria while I had the feeling of something that was coming closer and closer. The soft growls of this monster breathing were silent enough to sneak up the untrained person but I like to think that I am a bit keener than the normal huntress.

 I quickly spun around to find the same looking beast that was going to attack me earlier but this time it was going to be a sneak attack. I stabbed my sword deep into its neck and severing its head in the proses, or at least close to it. I knew that I just started a fight as I felt a blast of something extremely cold about to hit my back. Faster and faster the ice shards flew wanting to find the target in the proses while the shimmering blue ball lit the room of a dark blue. I quickly took my training and used one hand on the dull side of the blade while the other firmly on the hilt as I could feel the coldness scrape on my face and body. Each rotation of the ice ball was getting smaller and smaller by the might of my hold soon it went out.

I felt wonderful as I figured the Wizard was going to throw an attack after this iced one and I was right as he shot spell after spell just by raising his wand. I blocked and dodged as best as I could think that I should be more vigilant then what I was. I spun around to see two more of those dark sand beasts that were starting to creep up behind me. I swung my sword quickly killing the beasts with one continuous motion sending grains of magical sand everywhere in heaps on the floor.

Then I realized that the beasts were a distraction as the Wizard was throwing his spells a lot harder now as I dogged a fireball to flatten onto a wall.  I knew that that fireball was close but sadly my victory was cut short by a blast of a fireball that happened to have a touch of ice and other colors blind me. I felt the sting of the blast plaster my chest and feeling it seep into my veins before blacking out knowing that I had failed and it would be a miracle if I survived.

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