Don't Leave

Megan Waters is a 17 year old girl, trying to find herself. She has long brown hair and deep blue eyes. She is so called a 'Social Outcast' . But what will happen when she meets the school bully, Luke Hemmings? Will her life change for the better? Read Don't Leave to find out.


1. I'm just a nobody

Megan's POV:

Hey, I'm Megan. Megan Waters. Also Know as 'Slut' , 'Whore' , ' Total Reject' , you name it.

I have long brown hair and deep blue eyes.

As you probably already guessed, I'm not very popular at school. I'm known for having no friends and being the shyest girl in our year. Nobody likes me and I've been called countless names.

It's been like this for the last two years.

The only support I've got is from my mum, who is technically my best friend. My dad died in a car crash when I was nine, and I have no siblings.

We live in a small area in Sydney, Australia. Tomorrow is Monday, which means nothing but school. Again.

I hate school, and my mum knows that. She says I have to study now so I get a good job in the future.

I just get so nervous of going to school, even after so many years.

Hey guys. So umm, this is my first story. I know, it's pretty bad so far, but I need to think of some good plot twists for future chapters. I just wanted to get you started off with info on the main character, Megan. Please leave some feedback in the comments. Should I write more?


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