Girls Without Hope

Harriet Stoaks is 13 years old. She had a lovely life... until one day she had to move to the other side of the country.


5. Chapter 5

Something terrible has happened. Today, Anya (currently my best friend) was away sick, so I was left to fend for myself. Later in the day, I was approached by the rough-and-tough girls. “So,” said a girl who looked particularly menacing, “What’s your name then?” I gulped, and cautiously answered, “Harriet. My name is Harriet.” They all burst out laughing, as if I had told a particularly rude joke. “So… Harriet. Where’s little Anya today then?” ‘Little Anya’ wasn’t little, she was one of the tallest girls in the class, but they didn’t seem to care. “She’s ill today, and if you don’t mind, it would be nice if you could mind your own business!” I snapped back. The 3 girls were clearly shocked as of what I had just said, and simply spat “Who cares about what you have to say, Harriet Hippo?” Harriet Hippo? Okay, I might be a little chubby, but I’m not a hippo! I held back tears; I didn’t want to cry in front of them! Things would be so much better if Anya were here with me, but I knew she was too poorly to come to school today, and she must be away for good reason so at break time, I sat on the empty wall by myself. In no time at all, the 3 girls paid me another visit. “Hello Harriet Hippo, I… I mean Harriet,” said one of them. One was holding a bright red bouquet of flowers. “We are all truly sorry about what we said to you yesterday. Please, accept these flowers as a gift, to say sorry.” Before I could grasp the flowers between both hands, they were shoved into my face by the Rough-and-Tough girls.
“Whoops! I’m sorry! I slipped!” said one of the girls. They sauntered away, sniggering to their selves. That would have been bad on its own, but the fact that I have an incredibly bad bout of hay fever made it about ten times worse. Ahh... Ahh... ACHOO!


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