1. hurting

Hey I am Hannah hood yeah I know calum is my older brother we has an older sister mila they are both good siblings our parents have always taken care of us calum is in. Band called 5 seconds of summer with luke Ashton and mikey and mila is a singer our parents have lost our house so we have to move into an apartment mila is living with her friend and our parents only got a two bedroom apartment so me and cal share a room we actually have a bunk bed his friends came over to stay the night great an I'm stick in a room with 4 boys they came over and went to calls room they though I slept in the living room I went in calls room they said what do you want I said going to bed they said why are you. In here I said cause this is where my bed is they said oh I got in my bed of course mine is the top one cause cal is afraid of falling I was almost asleep then I heard the boys laughing I woke up and looked down they all looked at me and stopped laughing I said I'll be back I went to my mom she asked if I was alright I said I'm fine just feel a little sick she said you look so pale like almost white if said yeah and I feel weak to she Said you can sleep on the couch we can see how you are in the morning I went to my room to get my blanket and pillow cal asked me if I was alright and so did the other boys cal said I could still sleep in my bed if I wanted I said no I don't feel like climbing up there cal he said okay I'll be out in a little bit to check on you I said okay I laid down and fell asleep I woke up in the morning I did t feel any better and I knew my parents couldn't afford a doctor bill so I faked it and said I was fine me and cal had school along with the other boys I woke them up

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