A New Life

"Michael, this is so sweet" he puts the necklace around my neck and kisses it

"A gorgeous gift for a gorgeous girl" he whispers causing me to blush

"Thank you Mikey, best gift ever" I wrap my arms around his neck

"Happy 18th Isabelle" then, he kisses my lips


10. New chapter


I groan as I wake up on a couch

This is not my house

Oh wait, I slept over

I look over and see Calum sleeping on the floor

Why didn't he go to sleep in his room last night?

What DID the boys do last night?

I groan and throw a pillow at him

"Ow" he groans

I check the time


"Wake up Cal, it's almost noon"

"No" he said

"Bet that floor is comfy" I giggle

He smirks "Smartass"

There was a big BUMP, which caused ma and Calum to jump up

Mia ran downstairs looking happy and cheerful

"Hey guys!"

"Someone had a good sleep?" I ask

"Yeah! And the sweetest person in the world left me a nice message"

Guessing Luke

"Well now I have to call my dad for a ride" I mutter going on my phone

I had a lot of text from mom


Mom: did you not hear what I said?

Mom: You better answer your phone

Mom: Your dad told me you were at a friends house, your grounded


"Can't you drive?" Calum asks

"I can,but I don't have a car, my parents are way overprotective thinking I'm gonna smash it into a tree"

Then I got a text and look down

Michael: Hey baby, need a ride?

Me: how'd you know?

Michael: I'm guessing you didn't want one from your mom or dad

He's right

Me: Your right, thanks babe 😉

Michael: See you in a few❤️😘

I sigh and Calum was right behind me reason the messages

"Hey! Snoop much?" I say pushing him away

"Awe! You guys are SOOO cute" he says in a little baby voice

"I know" I say blushing


That was quick

I get up and answer it to see Michael

He's wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt and ripped jeans

His hair was a new color!

Blonde with purple tips in the front ( OK THIS IS MY DREAM HAIR COLOR FOR HIM !)

"Nice hair" I say

He runs his fingers through it "Thanks"

I go closer to him and peck his lips

He brought his hands to my face and kissed me again

"Eww gross" I hear Calum say

I blush and so does Michael

"I'll be right back" I say to him and walk back in the house

"Hey Mia! I'm leaving"

We hug "Ok, see you later Belle"

I walk back out to see Michael and Calum talking about something

"Ok I'm ready"

"Later man" Michael and Calum say bye and he opens the car door for me

As we drive he looks over at me

"Are you tired?" He asks

"No, not really" I answer

"How about we have that second date?"

I smile big "I'd love to, just drop me home first"

Once we stop infront of my house I get out of the car

Michael comes out following me and I stop at the door

"What's wrong?" He asks

"Praying my mom is not in there" then I open the door and let him in

"Stay here" and I run upstairs and get ready

I brush my teeth and wash my face and took a really quick shower. I wore a sweater that showed some shoulder and skinny jeans

I put in my favorite high top sneakers and brush through my hair

I put on concealer and mascara and adding white eyeliner in my water line

I added a beanie and walked downstairs and see Michael gone

Where is he?


No answer

Then something picks me up and spins me around

"AGH!" I yell and punch someone in the ribs

They put me down and I see its Michael

"Ow" he groans rubbing his rib

"Michael! I'm so sorry!" I rush over to him

"Well good to know you can protect yourself" he said smiling standing up

"Why did you scare me like that? I thought something happened to you!" I say crossing my arms

"Sorry" he said pouting his lip

"Your such a dork" I said giggling

"I'm YOUR dork" he said leaning in

"I guess" I said teasingly

He chuckles and kisses my lips

I kiss back and I feel him run his tongue run along my bottom lip

I let him in and we fight for dominance

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