What if you woke up and you remembered nothing? Not even your name... What would you do? What could you think about. All you know is how to exist.

What then?

*Entry into the Maze Runner Competition*


1. 1


That’s all I remember. It was cold.

Then I woke up. Here. Where is here?

I look around. It’s a room.

The walls are blank.

I look down at myself.

I’m wearing clothes that are unfamiliar to me.

It’s blinding. This is a myriad of white.

Searing white. Inescapable white.


I remember nothing. I do not have a name. I am like a painting that has been coloured in white paint. My old life has disappeared but it must still be there. I keep touching a scar. It is on my palm at the base of my thumb. I don't know what it is but it looks like it has been there for a while.


I lay there for an hour or maybe a year. How strange it is that I still remember what time is yet I do not remember myself. There was nothing to think about. It was tortuous nothing. Any search for these non-existent memories return fruitless and blank.


I become hungry. It is the only sign of time that they could not remove. I begin to think who they are. Why am I here? What is their purpose with me? I laugh. These are the same problems I faced before. I stop. I remember that. I wondered what my purpose was before. I guess that hasn't changed.


The same problems. My hunger passed a long time ago. It seems that I can only remember primal instincts. No matter where I am, I have the same problems: hunger, thirst, questions about my origin.


Time doesn’t seem to matter anymore. I could have been here for just hours or I could have been here for decades. It didn’t seem to affect me anymore. It had all faded away.


I thought everything had finally settled. I felt peace. I may not have known what I was doing there but I felt calmness. Everything seemed as it was meant to be.


Then the wall slid away to reveal a man.

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