One Direction Imagine Book 2

I'm giving this another go (: if I ever get a little backed up, I apologize. I make every single request (: and I only do clean imagines (: so just follow the requirements and I'll make it as soon as possible (:.

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2. For Isabella

"I'll be over in about a half hour."

"I can't wait." His voice made me smile from ear to ear. I slid some smooth lip stick over my lips and skipped across the room, "see you in a lil bit. Love you." 

"Love you too beautiful." I smiled and hung up.

Tonight is the first night in a while that I've been on a date with my boyfriend Harry.

Yes yes, Harry Styles.

He had a special night for us planned for me over at the 1D house and I am so excited!

I slid my shoes on and put my beanie on.

I said bye to my roommate and walked outside.

It was a little chilly but I thought of me and Harry cuddling. I felt warm after that. Yeah it sounds sappy but I love him to bits.

I walked down a few streets and a few corners and soon I would ended up in the richest street in town.

I was a few streets away and I could hear the girls screaming. Looks like I'm taking the long way.

Harry had came up for a back up way just in case if the girls were there. The boys don't want them getting in. Imagine the Hunger Games, and the prize is Niall's head. Crazy shit man.

I made a little U-turn and walked between the cracks of two abandoned houses and there was the beautiful meadow. That's where I met Harry.

I hopped through the meadow when someone tackled me out of no where. I screamed and the person covered my mouth. His hands were so soft.

"Hush lovlie, it's only me." I didn't even have to open my eyes to know it was him.

I removed his hand and smashed my lips on his.

His hand creased my cheek as he pushed my head closer to his.

I wrapped my arm around the back of his neck and he lifted us up.

I put our foreheads together and our lips disconnected, "I missed those lips." 

I smiled and gave him a quick kiss, "you don't know how long I've been waiting for that."

He moved my legs to wrap around him and I wrapped my other arm around his neck.

His eyes looked almost white. The shadow from his brown locks made him look almost irresistible.

"You're so beautiful," he pecked my lips, "I'm honored to call you mine."

"It's an honor just to be in the presence of you."

He chuckled. His voice is so raspy and deep, it was hard to resist. I put our lips together once more.

He tilted his head a bit and I turned mine the other way and he pushed the kiss deeper.

We made out until he was out of breath, "you have strong lungs." I smiled, "it's what happens when I can't kiss someone for a while."

He smiled, "I would say I'll stay away more often but it was like hell being away from you."

"The days felt like years."

"Those years felt like centuries."

I giggled and ran my fingers through his curls, "you always try to out do me."

"Well guess what."

We stood up and he hugged me, "what my love?"

"I love you more."

I smirked, "oh do you?"

He smiled and pecked me, "I do."

"I bet I love you more."

He laughed, "I would explain about how much I love you, but there is only so many hours in a day. And, we have a date." He connected my arm with his, "shall we?" 

I smiled, "we shall."

this imagine is for British (: I hope you liked it (: I tried to make it the complete opposite of a break up haha. tell me how I did? and also you can check out the outfit on my twitter @SamanthaLeane5 (: so check that out and let me now how I did (: thanks


Lots of love

~Sam <3

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