Repeating History

I do not own star trek. Any Names, Places, Themes or ideas belong to the owners of Star Trek.
Spoilers for both star trek 2009 and Star trek Into Darkness, Mainly focuses on Into Darkness.

After waking up from a life changing experience, Kirk is once again thrown into the deep end as old enemies surface. Kirk is not alone, Emotions that everyone started to bury have resurfaced. Kirk must once again fight his way out of a situation that could once again test the relationships of the crew and the crews physical limits. Will everyone make it out ok?


1. Prologue


A loud hissing noice sounded across the small underground facility. An alarm beeped loudly as a figure passed through the thick doors. Rushing to get to their destination was top priority, he only had a few munutes before the guards would come back. He had planned out every guard change and who took over what, making sure that even if he somehow missed his chance he could easily take down any resistance. His shoes clipped loudly across the polished floor, harmonising with the alarm gracefully. The lights above flickered, he was getting close. Starfleet kept this base off the radar, the uproar from the public if they ever found out what was hidden in it would be catastrophic. He typed in the official over ride code to the final door, pulling out his phaser as he stepped into the vast area that was the secret facility. Nobody was around, just as he suspected. Luckily the security tape wouldnt be recorded at the minute, there had been an unfortunate 'power surge' at HQ.



As he looked around he saw what he desperately wanted. Jogging over to it he typed in the over ride key and watched as the ice melted away. The lid slowly slid ope, revealing the tall man within. After a few moments of deafening silence, the mans eyes opened to reveal the menacing grey many had faltered over. His eyes seemed unfocused, wary of his surroundings. 


"Dont worry, im here to break you out" the man whispered, watching the grey eyes scan his surroundings before finally finding the source of the voice. "Ah ha, welcome back to the world of the living, Khan."

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