From Afar| a.i

I can't help to feel like I need to say "Hey! I'm the girl at the bus stop. Remember when we were talking about how hot it was?" in order to get your attention. My heart stop to beat faster when I pass by you. My eyes goes start to yours but they never meet. I can't believe that in the first month of High School I'm in love with a 10th grader that doesn't know me but only as "The Girl From The Bus Stop". I will never get your attention.


1. Prologue

 It only happened when we shared a long stare. I was only smiling at him while we talked. I didn't think about it at first but then it hit me. I told myself "He is very good looking but I don't have a crush on him."  That became a lie. I do have the hugest crush on him and it's hard trying not to look at him because it feels like every five seconds I see his face is worth it. Just seeing him makes me smile but he won't notice me. Of course he won't! Ashton Irwin will only date girls with his choice and he is not going chose me. He doesn't even know me. Only if he did.

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