Tesla Coast and her Strange Demise

Tesla Coast is dead, her real murderer on the loose, and her boyfriend in chains for the crime.


1. Two Days After.

You see, little Tesla never chose to feel the cold confusion fill her. No one ever did. She was simply a victim of chance, yet she was actually one of the good ones. The ones that didn't deserve their future to be ripped from their grasp so early by... well no one knows what by. Her investigation is under way.

News has spread about the seventeen year old girl and her grip with death. But the news doesn't know the full story. It doesn't know how she was silent, frightened into deaths grip early- while there was still breath in her lungs. Unknown to them that her soul was slowly taken in the dark. No one knows, except the true murderer of course.

Prosecutors think it was the boyfriend, the defense say it was her mother. It seems no one knows anything. No, the boyfriend didn't do it, he was simply a victim of chance as well. In fact, he was the most heart broken out of anyone. Of course, the mother didn't do it, but she had no alibi for that night.

Although, this is going ahead of itself. Her story starts two days prior to her demise.

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