My Pokémon Story

Yeah, I'm doing it. I'm documenting my journey through Kanto in the world of Pokémon. Think I'm a better trainer than Ash Ketchum? Let's hope so!


1. Introduction

My name is Amanda.  I grew up in a little town called Pallet Town.  It's located in the Kanto region, and I've always been interested in becoming a Pokémon trainer.  I live with my mom there, in Pallet Town

     I live next door to the Oak family.  It consisted of Professor Oak - the Pokémon professor - and his grandchildren, Daisy and Gary.  Daisy's my best friend, and Gary's my worst enemy.  Gary and I have been competing with each other since we were babies.  I'll never forget how he stole my Blastoise doll.  That was the day I vowed I would best him at Pokémon.

     Professor Oak is one of the greatest professors in Pokémon history.  He was the first to create a device called the Pokédex, and was the professor that gave me my first Pokémon.

      To see how it all turned out, I invite you to read on into my life as a Pokémon trainer!

* * *

A/N:  I know that wasn't really necessary, but someone might need it.  Hope you like it! 

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