Die to Live

If I was to die, I would like to die in my sleep, yes I know that’s a terrible way to start off a ‘Hi my name is’ and I start it with, ‘I want my death to be like this’, I know I’m not getting the Ms.Sunshine reward, but I don’t really care


1. My coffee sucks





                                           Chapter one

If I was to die, I would like to die in my sleep, yes I know that’s a terrible way to start off a ‘Hi my name is’ and I start it with, ‘I want my death to be like this’, I know I’m not getting the Ms.Sunshine reward, but I don’t really care.  Right now I’m sitting at a table, you know one of those tall tables you see at restaurant and when you’re a small child you seem like you always want to go on them, well that’s what I’m sitting on. It’s red, tall, and slender; it can only fit two people as long as you don’t pull up any other tall chairs. I look around and see other people look at a man that sits on the other side of the room in this small little café.


Right now I have my laptop on me to see if there is any good stuff on the news, as I am scanning the screen my eyes almost miss it: Massacre of Thirty Two. I almost spit out my coffee, not that I haven’t already had that idea because this coffee sucks.


I scan the room once again, I see the man, but then I look again there are four men, I guess from where I am I couldn’t see that there were that many, but now I can see why they keep staring at the men and why they keep looking.


The first man the one that I saw out of the side of my eye is very handsome, he has blonde hair that make his skin probably darker then it is, a little tan anywise, I can’t see what his eye color is because his back is turned my way. How frustrating, that is especially since I’m an artist for a living, more like a side job. The man is well built I can’t see while he’s sitting down, but he’s way taller than my sad five two. He has on a white shirt that’s way too tight in my opinion and makes him look really strong and scary, then he has black pants [more like skinny jeans, probably easier to move in], and black boots.


The man to the right of him has black raven hair and I can’t tell from where I am what his eye color is, he has white skin and tattoos on his hand that probably goes up his arm. He’s wearing the exact same thing as the man with blonde hair but has on long sleeves.


That leaves the man on the left, he has reddish-brown hair with a dark-light skin color and he has green eyes is because he’s looking at me like I’m a threat, and man is that scary. He has a green long sleeve shirt on that brings the green out of his eyes and looks to be nineteen, while the others are probably in their twenties. I quickly look down so he will take a hint and stop staring at me; I probably look like a real shady person. I have on a ‘If you want to torture me let me live’ that is a black color and black skinny jeans with purple converse. I have black wavy hair that’s pulled into a bun and blue eyes, I am unremarkably pale. I was your normal average teenager, well if a normal average teenager can hack into the presidents laptop and can’t get caught and has the brains of a smart person times ten, then yeah, I’m pretty average. I also forgot to mention I have four piercings in my ear and a short nose but not a fat one, at least I think so. My nails are blue today just like my mood. My mom is , I don’t know, somewhere, my Dad is MIA in my life and I am all alone in my little apartment till I die a lonely cat lady, not that I like cats, but I like them better then people. I look at my laptop and read that the thirty two killings were done by something the cameras couldn’t catch in the middle of Lavern square where everybody can go to get everything pretty much; it’s pretty much just a thousand stalls with overpriced junk. I read some more. But the only thing the police can think of are theories, but the one that stands out to me is a poison gas, but that doesn’t make much sense since there were slashes all over their bodies. I sigh loudly, I am about to take a drink out of my coffee, but then remember how awful it is. That’s when it happens.  A man, at least I think so, walks through the little café dressed all in black with a creepy smiling mask, and he’s also holding a big sword.


Great. My life could go a little better if these simple things didn’t happen. The man walks through the little café barely glancing at the men and walks over to my table I look up and see the Man standing in front of me.

“Your mask is creeping me out” I say pointing at his mask. I could swear that the Man is smiling, he raises his sword.

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