They just don't know you || Niall Horan au ||

The rich missunderstod punk boy that has nothing but fake friends and The missunderstood girl that no one really gets.
What happens when these two paths meet in the middle? Nobody will ever understand us because they just don't know about us.


6. chapter 6 + Competition !


 Ava's pov

 " Ava " Someone was shaking me and trying to get me up. " No " i mumbled. " Ava please get up" my mother said. Why would she wake me up in the middle of the night? i sighed and got up from my bed and rubbed my tired eyes.   " I can't find your brother " she said and she looked worried. Weird , she never really cares about him anymore and neither does our dad. " Where is he?" i said and yawned. I wasn't that worried i mean he always come home. 

" He said that he'd be home an hour ago and i'm just worried sweetheart" she told me. " First , Don't call me sweetheart , ever. Second, why do you care now? you never do." i snapped at her. It actually felt nice to tell her off , i don't know why she's always against my brother i mean he is her son after all. 

" Oh , well i do love both of you , a-and so does dad" she lied straight through her teeth. " You're a liar. " i said and got up from my bed and put on some grey adidas sweatpants. I wasn't in a hurry since i knew that he'd be fine plus he told me that he was going to a party down the street so what's the big deal anyways?. I passed a lot of nice big houses where rich people live and i finally came to the right one i think. 

There was a lot of loud music and people were standing outside chatting and having a nice time. People were looking at me since i was wearing sweatpants. Oh whatever. I walked into the house and i tried to find my brother but there were a lot of people here. I pushed trough them and i came to the kitchen where i found my brother on the floor. Some random girl were taking body shots with him. " Oh god" i mumbled to myself. My brother stood up and noticed me. He blushed when he realized that everyone was looking. " Oh yeah uh this is my sister , i'm single ladies don't worry" he joked and the girls started fake laughing and i rolled my eyes. 

" So what brings you here sis " he told me and i slapped his arms. " ouch! why did you do that for?" he asked me and laughed. " Don't call me sis " i warned him. He put his arms up in the air. " Okay , I understand Miss " he said and it was obvious that he was joking. " Whatever" i said. " So why are you here?" he asked me since i never ever come to pick him up. " Mom was worried about you " i told him and he didn't belive me so he started laughing. " No seriously why did you come here?" he asked me when he was done with his lauging fit.  " I'm not even joking , why would i be here otherwise?" i asked him and he couldn't believe his eyes. " Is something wrong with them?" he asked me. " Uh no I don't think so , i was chocked to say atleast when mom woke me up and told me to start looking for you" I told him and it was clear that he didn't understand why they even bothered to care. " oh , cool " he said. 

I started blushing when i realized the fact that we were standing in the kitchen and some people were even looking at us , well probably at me since i was wearing sweatpants. The people who he was doing body shots with kept on playing and didn't bother to wait for him. Not that they were going to have to since he was probably going to come home and check what's wrong with our parents. It's quite sad actually , i mean he shouldn't be this chocked about his parents caring about him. That's just not right.

" Hey i'm just going to say bye to Henriette " My brother said and i nodded. " Want to wait here or come with me?" he asked me when he noticed the fact that i was just standind there. " Uh sure , i guess" i told him and followed his lead. " I can't find her anywhere" he told me. " Well lets just go home then i guess" i told him and he agreed. When we were almost outside my brother ran to a crying girl. The girl was fairly pretty and there was a boy with blonde hair hugging her. I gasped when i saw that it was Niall Horan. Oh god. I started blushing like a mad man. He winked at me to come over and i did. Maybe it would be a mistake or maybe it would turn out to be something good. 

" Hey " he told me with a cheeky smile. " Uh hi " i told him with a quiet voice. It's still a mystery how i can go from being the loudest person ever to the most quiet girl in the room. " How's the smoking goin'?" he asked me and i slapped his arm. " Hey don't do that!" he told me off. I searched for my brother and he was hugging the crying girl. That's cute and i could see that they actually likes eachother. 

" They've been going out for a while huh?" he asked me with a cigarette between his fingers. I was looking at the way his hair was styled into a quiff and the bleached blonde hair that was faded into brown all the way down to the roots and the fact that we were both wearing casual clothes unlike everyone else who were dressed for the partyin short dresses and buttoned up t-shirts. He looked so beautiful in some weird dark way. I've never felt like this before. My stomach would turn upside down whenever i saw him or even when he just looked at me. 

There is something speacial about that boy , he's got something extra.



Hi guys! I'm doing a competition ! if you want to be in this story then keep reading! The competition starts right now! ( 27/12 ) and ends 29/12 , I need some characters ( Henriettes gang of friends ) and i need 4 people so there will be 4 winners. All you have to do is fan me , fave and like this book and leave a comment describing what you want the character to be like and who you want to be , you can choose between

Taylor Swift

Becky G

Selena Gomez 

Iggy Azalea 

And if you have kik or anything else where i can contact you if i need to ask some questions about your character since you  will help to decide a lot , SO ENTER NOW! 


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