They just don't know you || Niall Horan au ||

The rich missunderstod punk boy that has nothing but fake friends and The missunderstood girl that no one really gets.
What happens when these two paths meet in the middle? Nobody will ever understand us because they just don't know about us.


4. Chapter 4


Niall's pov

I arrived at the party in the frat house which i by the way live in with the boys late since i had been home for a couple of days. I didn't bother to dress up since i don't like shit traditions like these. Once i stepped into the house people were greeting me and calling my name. I spotted Louis and Mackenzie who was by the way sitting on his lap. " Hey man " Louis said and i greeted him back. " Hey Mackenzie where's Daisy? " i asked her and she raised her eyebrow. " Uhm i don't know , i think i saw her with Zayn in the kitchen" she said and i nodded and headed off to the kitchen.

I didn't see her but i did see the girl that i have been looking at for these past couple of weeks. I can't help it she is just so gorgeous but i haven't really been able to speak to her since i am so sure at the fact that she hates me i mean who wouldn't. Even i hate myself. Since she was standing with her back facing me i decided to scare her just so that i could start up a conversation. 

" Boo " i said in a soft voice and she turned around not even the least scared just a bit shocked at the fact that someone was trying to talk to her i guess. " Uh hi" she said while playing with her beautiful  soft looking hair that i love so much. she pushed a strand of her hair behind her hair just waiting for me to say something since i approached her. " Hello beautiful what's your name?" i smirked after a long pause since i didn't know what to say. Her beauty just blew me away. She looks so good even though she was bloody and had vampire teeth. " Beautiful name , i'm Niall also called Kid twist round' here" I said she just stared at me in awe for a few seconds and then she looked away. " Cool " she said trying to seem cool and collected. I noticed the fact that she was drinking soda and i raised my eyebrow, not that i expected anything different from such an innocent looking girl " Why are you drinking soda little miss innocent?" i said since i didn't know what to say and i didn't want to end this conversation. She looked at me and i got scared for a second because if looks could kill i would be a dead man, and she would of made it seem like it was an accident.

" Because i'm not addicted to drinking that shit called alcohol" She said and walked out frogetting about her drink. I was quite shocked to say atleast and i did not expect that to come from her pretty little mouth. I didn't know if i was mad or just happy since she could of been harsher. But then again , i don't take shit from no one and she is no one special. she's just a pretty girl after all. I had been zooming out when i finally realized that Harry and Liam were laughing at the fact that she kind of rejected me. They also laughed because they knew that i was going to chase her and if that was really the reason then they are damn right. She's not going to get away with this. 

I glared at the boys and they stopped laughing and they knew that i wanted to know where she went so they just pointed at the door and i went outside. It was a it chilly so i was lucky that i had my jacket on.  didn't see her anywhere and i was just about to give up. I wanted to smoke but i couldn't find myt cigarettes or my lighter. I started to panick since i need that shit. I remembered that i sat on the porch the last time that i smoked. I went to the frontyard and there i found the brunette that i had been looking for. 

She had a cigarette between her pink lips and she was just about to light it up. I almost didn't say anything since i had been fantasizing about her smoking for a while. I saw that she was  nervous so i sat down next to her " Hey , why did you take my cigarettes?" i asked her and honestly that came out harsher than i thought. She jumped a little and she looked ashamed of her actions. She dropped the lighter but the cigarette was still between her teeth.  " Uhm sorry , guess i just wanted to try it" she said and looked down at her lap. I felt bad for her so i sighed and picked up the lighter that she dropped on her lap. I lit her cigarette and told her to inhale the smoke and exhale it again. She did as i said and she started coughing like a mad man. Yep she has never smoked before. I started to laugh since she looked cute. Oh what the hell am i saying? ugh. 

" innocent girls like you shouldn't smoke princess" i said and she blushed. 



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