Ollie Lane

Hi, I'm Olivaria Lane but everyone calls me Ollie and I don't really mind. I haven't got many friends because I'm different and wierd. They don't understand me. That's what makes them hate me. I'm only a year nine so I have still got three years of high school left and then I'm off to uni. Yay. Join me on my adventure through my life. Past, present and hopes for the future. You will know all of the things that happen from friends to bullies.


1. Chapter one

 Hi, I'm Olivaria Lane.Everyone calls me Ollie though. I have a tan skin and light blonde hair that makes my skin really pop. I don't have many friends because I'm different and weird. Peopl don't understand me so they hate me.


I have really good friends though. There is Lolacta, the sweet, artistic one, Brian, the goofy one that makes everyone laugh and Folacta, the guy who is nerdy and is really smart. I love all my friends and we have been friends ever since preprimary. We are all the rejects but we are happy with ourselves.


I guess that that was enough introducing and will jump into the next part of my life that you might want to know. Probably just school but hey, I told you you would learn every thing about my life. :)

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