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This is a Luke hemmings fanfic about a girls life long dream of a music career coming true and she meets and bonds with like and well they fall in love just read it pls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Updating hopefully at least once a week depending if people actually read it!:)


1. rock out with your socks out concert

Hi! This will probably be the only not for this chapter so I don't interrupt the story but the other chapters will have at least one note too, just like explaining the story and stuff so pls follow and read and follow me on twitter I mostly follow back so ya:) enjoy! Characters you need to know for chp1: Riley, Kailyn, and 5sos btw pov=point of view

Riley's looks and stuff : long blonde hair, blue/green eyes, 5 6', 18yrsold, American, musician/singer, lives in a small town if ca but staying in LA for 2weeks

Kailyn: short dark brown almost black hair, brown eyes, same height,18, lived around the corner for. Riley growing up and now now share a house together in there home town til they can move both grew up loving music

Riley's pov: me and my friend kailyn love 5sos's music and are going to their concert tonight. I'm wearing a blink-182 shirt with black skinny jeans and black combat boots with dark purplish lipstick, light eyeliner and manga mascara. Kailyn is wearing a mayday parade shirt, regular blue skinny jeans and starwars vans (idk she likes them ha ha) with mascara and eos Chapstick bc she doesn't like to wear a ton of makeup. We don't wear these outfits to look cutesy and impress the guys like some girls we just love the bands but fan girls r still awesome just saying! We are staying in a hotel really close to the venue so we are just walking.

Later after the concert Riley's pov: we had a blast at the concert it was sick, so impressed with their music. We now are walking back to the hotel I look behind me and 5sos is a bit behinds us! I tell Kalyn and she was really excited but we had to stay to the side for a minute bc she has to tie her shoes AGAIN! The boys come over to us and say " hey were you guys at our concert?" . "Hi ya we were you guys were awesome so talented love your music" I say "ya it was an awesome show!"kailyn says standing up. "Aw thx so much it's really fun up there on stage" calum says. "Ha ha your eyes are pretty Luke, ha ha I'm sorry a bit starstruck I guess but not a fangirl, I probably just totally made u think I'm a weirdo"I say "oh no ha ha it's fine your cool, I like your shirt"Luke says "oh thanks I do too, ha ha I love them truly amazing artists one of my favorite bands"I say "really, mine too! R u just saying this to impress us" he says making this face😏. " no I'm not really like that I just love blink-182"I say " is your friend ok?"Michael says. " omg ya she's just kinda falling apart inside she lives you guys, kailyn for crying out loud settle down!" I say "did you just quote settle Down by the 1975?" C says "yes, yes I did they are really amazing" I say hen. Real into song with kailyn. " I knew there was something really different about you guys I liked! Ha ha"cal says " so are you guys staying in a hotel?"Luke says " ya it's actually right up there with the purple letters" I say " really awesome that's where we r staying too maybe we will see each other around"luke says " ya that would be coolio"I say "sorry but can we have your bunbers so we can maybe plan somehing?! Not to be flirty if you guys have bfs!" Luke says " oh nope we do t and that would be awesome!" I say " after exchanging numbers: " ok we will txt you guys later! It was awesome meeting you but we have to go!" Kailyn says bye everyone says kailyn teases me about Luke staring at me the while time and said we were perfect for each other. We always tease each I get but she was serious and Was happy I really like him and I just got do many sparks oh lord I know it's cliche but I believe in love at first sight ok! I bet Michael and kailyn will end up together!

Luke's pov: Riley was really cool and hot I do t know what to do I think I really like her I'll ask her out next time I see her we will be staying in LA the same days. I hope I see her in the morning! All he other boys can tell we had a connection that know I like her! (They tease me and talk about it all night til we go to bed)

I will post another chapter probably in the morning but definitely tomorrow and I promise it will be better so pls read! The rest is going to be really cute and all so ya night:) I'll prob post early tomorrow!)

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