Save Me (*Good Girl Changed Sequel*)

Zoe has gone through a lot with the boys.But now she's made her choice.Will she highly regret who she picks,our will he be her Prince Charming?


1. Again

Previously on Good Girl Changed...

"I choose.... Liam",Liam smiles whilst Zayn and Niall walk out the door angrily.


"Zayn,Niall ,I'm sorry!"I shout down the hall,Liam places his hand on my shoulder.I turn and cry into his shoulder,"shhh"he says,"they'll come around","Liam,I lost two of my best friends","you haven't"he comforts me,"They love you Zoe"."Thanks"I reply."How's about we order some take away and watch some movies yeah?"he suggests,"sound good"I say and he kisses me passionately.

----The Next Day----

I wake up to the smell of bacon and sausages,I walk downstairs.Last thing I remember was falling asleep in liams arms,he must've carried me to bed."Good morning" I say wrapping my arms around his waist,"Morning babe"he says and kisses my cheek,"thanks for carrying me to bed"I thank him." No probs"

Hope ye liked it!

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