The UnderDogs

This story follows two girls in there sophomore year of college and deal with being on the soccer team.
Elizabeth, a quiet, foreign student, struggles to come to America and be accepted in the social status of everyone around her. she also struggles with over coming her terrible past. Will she be able to over come all odds?

Izzy, a girl who is just able to play again after her terrible injury that happened freshman year, is ready to start fresh but when she meets Elizabeth everything changes. Will Izzy be able to play for the soccer team? Or will the terrible accident stop her?

* you must read to find out*

This is a story me and my friend are writing together.


10. 10. Izabella's P.O.V

Izabella's P.O.V

We are sitting here watching our team practice and the frustration is starting to build inside, and I can't take it anymore.

I wish I could be out there running shooting and finishing like everyone else and they are doing my favorite drill cross balls, I can't take it anymore. I began to hobble away on my crutches as fast as possible. I can't stand to be here anymore, I just don't have the strength to deal with this right now.

I'm hobbling threw the campus and I have no clue where to go so as a last minute decision I decide I should go to the library because I really should try to catch up on my studies. It's a long walk, well hobble if you're in my position all the way to the library.

By the time I reach to the front door of the library, I was out of breath and my arms were hurting really bad. I try to open the door but fail and I keep trying and I start to get really frustrated and scream "AHHHHHH!"

"Whoa calm down this door has feelings to you know." Says a familiar voice. I turn around and to my surprise it's David. He gives me a flattering smile and walks up to me.

"I'm not in the mood David." I sigh he gives me a long questioning look.

"Come with me." he tells me and he begins walking away.

"Wait where are you going!" I call out, and he just motions his hands toward me to come on so I hobble after him to his car.

He unlocks his doors and gets into the driver's seat. I am hesitant at first but I soon climb into the passenger's seat. "Where are we going?" I ask he smiles at me and starts the engine and he tells me that it's a surprise and I have to wait.

It takes us about 30 minutes to get there and he soon pulls over on the side of the road and we are in the middle of nowhere.

"David? What are we doing here?" I asked a little uncertain and scared. He gives a small chuckle "Relax I'm not going to hurt you, now come on." he says as he gets out the car and walks around to my side and opens the door, I slowly make my way out to make sure I don't hurt my knee. I follow him back to the other side of the car where he came out of and notice the forest that is I front of us. "David how am I going to get threw that I'm on crutches remember?" I ask sarcastically he laughs and soon bends down so I can get on his back. It's weird at first because I can't bend my knee fully yet and it hurts if I try to so I sit on him like I'm a little girl in a tall chair with his arms gently hooked under my knees and carefully making sure not to hurt my left knee. He begins to walk through the forest and walking through and around the trees, I look up and I'm breath taken, I can see the light from the sun peering through the trees and how it makes the leaves look like a vibrant green. "Wow," I gasp.

"Trust me you haven't seen anything yet." He keeps walking for a little bit more and soon stops I turn my focus forward and gasp at the sight.

It's absolutely breathtaking and weird all at once. It's a beautiful wide river that is so crystal clear that when you look down into the water you can see the fish swimming downstream and the array of colorful pebbles on the bottom. A nice, manmade, oak bridge crossed over to the other side of the river. The curve of the bridge was high above the river, making the bridge seem steeper than it actually was. High trees that looked like they were touching the clouds were disorderly placed around the river and bridge scene. On the opposite side of the river I could see a beautiful vibrant pink peeking out from between the other trees. As we got closer and crossed over the bridge, the pink leaves came more into view and I noticed it was a beautiful Cherry Blossom tree, the kind you see on Google or in a magazine, the kind you see on T.V but never in real life. The tree wasn't as tall as the others but it was wide and the branches entwined together and spread out from each other at the ends. The scents of the petals were so overwhelming that I wanted to bottle it up and wear it as a perfume. "David how did this get here?" I gasped. "My dad and I planted it when I was little." he says smiling at me.

"But how? I thought you lived on the other side of the world?" he sighs "No my dad does him and my mom got divorced when I was 10. He live in Paris now and my mom and I live here in California. I visit him every summer." he says looking into the river. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you upset or anything." He faces me and smiles "Don't be I'm okay with it now it just reminds me of the good old days with him." he says reassuring me.

"How did you even find this place?" I ask.

He smiles and says "my dad and I wanted a place to ourselves since I have 3 older sisters. So we just randomly walked around and came across this place and soon planted the cherry blossom tree and built the bridge so we didn't have to keep swimming to it, because I use to come here when I tore my acl," he tells me. "How did you tear it if you don't mind me asking?" I ask

"Not at all, it was at a soccer game. As soon as we started stretching, the refs called for captains to come over to flip the coin. After the pre-game formalities, we returned to our team and the refs said that we had five minutes until kick-off. Normally we have about thirty. We did not feel stretched or prepared at all. Honestly, I don't even remember the score of the game. All I remember is running down the side line of the field trying to stop the other teams forward from scoring. I planted my foot to turn with the forward and pushed off. As soon as I pushed, I heard the dreaded popping noise and crumpled to the ground. No one touched me, I didn't do some cool move or turn, I just fell. I remember crying, not because of the pain, even though it did hurt, but because I knew. In a small part of my brain, I knew what I had done, even though I tried to convince myself otherwise. As soon as the MRI results came back though, there was no denying it. My ACL was torn and I had to have surgery.

Now, I had surgery and been through six grueling weeks of recovery and physical therapy. I have grown to hate the electronic pulse machine at PT that the therapists call the RUSSIAN. I still went to all the games for my club team even though I always left heartbroken that I could not have been a part of that win or possibly even prevented a loss. I replace the time I would have been at practice by doing my daily PT routine at home. Despite the hardships of the injury, I knew that it will end and I was going to be able to play again. I knew that my injury made me a stronger player and an even better person."

(A/N the acl story was written by caitiecarr96 this was her story.)

I can't help but feel sorry for him that he had to go through all of that. "Wow I'm sorry David that you had to experience that." I tell him pulling him into a side hug. "Its okay it made me a stronger player and now I play college ball so it worked out in the long run." He says hugging me back and giving me a reassuring smile. "And now I'm going to help you make not just your left but also make your right leg stronger too and it starts now."''

"What?! Are you crazy?! I'm not even supposed to walk on it right now I'm supposed to wait for at least two weeks before I can put any weight on it." I tell him he gives me a soft smile. "Don't worry we are just going to work on bending it" he says reassuring me. I give him a brief nod and he tells me to lie down on the grass.

We spent most of the day with me yelling through the pain and slowly trying to get my mobility back. After 4 long agonizing hours he says it's time to go back. I feel relieved that I can go home and finally ice it and take my pain killers. He bends down and I adjust myself onto his back like we did before and he carries me all the way to the car.


It didn't take us that long to get back to campus mainly because I was tired and when we are near my housing building he parks the car and gets out and walks to my side of the car and helps me get out. I'm so tired from all the pain that is coming from my knee that I nearly fall onto the ground, but David is a fast thinker and quickly positions me on his back and begins to walk forward.

"You better be careful or you will break something else." he says while laughing and I begin to laugh to because I am accident prone when I'm already hurt. And I'm so tired from today that I can't help it my head feels like it weighs 1000 lbs., so I rest it in the crook of his neck. And the next thing I know I am in my bed and it is midnight I look over to where Elizabeth should be and she's not there so I pull out my cell phone and try calling her but her phone is off so I begin to panic. She was supposed to be home hours ago and she still isn't here. I got back at 6 she should have been back at 7. I don't know what to do and I can't go running around campus because I am on crutches. Oh no coach is going to kill me I start to freak out so I call David. It only rings twice before he answers.

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