Story of a girl in coma.


1. Prologue

It was a Tuesday. The grey feeling of gloom was scattered in the air like a contagious smell, although it was a sunny day. You know, the yellow-shaded sunny day which is supposed to be happy? I guess it's a lesson learned: never have your expectations touching the sky because whatever it is, it would turn out be something else. It was the day when the warm exasperated winds were battling the gloom on the face of summer. Initially, that day, I was happy until it happened. The fall happened.

The morning sun was brightly burning with the rage of hot summer and the clouds were converging slowly in an effort to hide the sun behind their majestic grey bodies. My eyes were burning red by getting up late at night, but my smile was spread upon my face just like another person walking under the warmth of the sun. We were getting late for the school bus but I enjoyed these runs for catching a bus. It felt as if you're running for a reason. The roads were as clear as my mind and my sister, with her daily habit of unconsciously racing, was pacing forward with a great speed. We were getting late for bus but my legs were paining trying to catch up with Medha, my sister. I told her to stop many times but she didn't. I deeply inhaled the air with the fear of being left behind, only I didn't know then that it wasn't the fear of what I was thinking it to be. I wish I would've stopped then. My feet were rasping the road as I reached the bus stop where our bus and driver were furiously waiting for us. Before entering the raging wrath of the dark-yellow transport, a dark and frightened feeling twirled in my stomach. I just wanted to run away at the moment I was standing at the door of the bus. "Are you coming in or should I leave you?" the angry driver furiously spoke in his leaf-cracking-voice. I didn't run, but I quickly hopped in, placing myself at the front most seat, burying all my feelings deep inside some secret place in my mind. The place I don't even know of. That's the thing I still regret. 

I tucked a black strand of my straight hair behind my ear which was blocking my view of the road. I was scared with the feeling that something was going to happen and it was getting closer and closer as the roads were passing by quickly like a treadmill. My attention was diverted when I heard people arguing with the driver about their preference of radio-stations as Raj, our driver, always listened to the chants of the prayers. I was soon relieved when the sound of Guns N' Roses, "Patience", started to flow in our bus. But that was just a short-term comfort. My eyes were on the drifting roads which were being traveled on by many transports and people.

Suddenly my heart beat increased and I instinctively looked up for my fear: a truck pacing towards us with great speed from my side, breaking the traffic rules. I saw it come closer and closer to us. I was still, and savoring the few split seconds I had left with me. I was sure I wasn't the only one who knew what was going to happen. Before I have the chance to say, "sorry" , "I love you" or "take care" to anyone, the other bus collided with our bus and it happened so quickly that I didn't even had the time to feel any pain and, within seconds, I was unconscious or probably dead. All the memories were flashing in front my eyes before the great collision. The yellow-shaded city, my family, my fast pacing sister, my best friend Rishabh, and the last - I, standing at the door of the bus, confused and frightened about something to happen which is now realised by me. I didn't see the destruction caused by the accident but the song still played for hours in my dreams after that, haunting me. 

The yellow light dwindled away within the blink of an eye, after which I didn't open them and maybe I never would. My dreams and hopes were crushed, I thought- but no- everything except those two were, because right now it's just an ironic beginning after I truly became awake.


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