Thoughts in the rain

Just some depressing poems about why people prefer to cry in the rain.


1. Alone

The sun is shining,

But I couldn't see.

The wind is blowing,

But I couldn't breathe.

The darkness remains to stay upon me

If no one comes,

My heart would bleed.


My senses are lost,

Please lead me the way

If you promise not to break

The promises you make.

I trusted many before you came

They broke my heart

'Cause they wanted some fame.

And now I am here standing alone

I just want myself to be unknown.


The people are driving me insane

They do nothing but give me more and more pain

Their laughter rips my ears,

Slowly making a way for my tears.


The clouds burst with a growling grin

The rain pours down upon my skin

Alone I stand beneath the rowdy rain

Because all my endeavor went vain

I drench myself wishing my thoughts would melt

removing all the pain that I ever felt.








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