Fire, burning, fire

"How is he?"
"oh, not that good, the doctors are worried about him." ...


1. it's fine until...

Hi, my name is katerina and I am 19. I love one direction and I have always wanted to meet one direction and today I am.


But when I get there, there are a lot of screaming girls in front of me, so I decide to go back but a security guard spots that I had a ticket in my hand and asks me what is wrong and I tell him that I have always wanted to meet the boys and I bought a ticket to see them today but I can't because I won't have time. So the security guard takes I to the front of the line to meet them and says " not many people have bought tickets so you can go at the front " and I say "thank you".


When it's my time to go in my heart starts to beat fast and I am nervous because I want them to like I and I don't want to tell them any lies.


But when I walk in Niall says "have we meet before because I have a feeling that we have ?" " no But I wish we had" I reply. Liam says "so what's your name". Then I reply "my name is Katerina" Then Niall says "I know that name" then he pulls out his phone and he starts flicking through his pictures. "It is I" Niall then says . "Look" and he shows me his phone with a picture of me on it when I where younger and my mum and dad was on it as well and my older brother. "But I don't remember that, But that is me, my mum, my dad and my brother." I say "And me" Niall says.

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