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1. who are you ??

I am sitting at home watching a movie with my mum and dad, but then I here a scream from outside. It's a manly scream. Then I hear a car driving away quickly and someone screaming "help me please!" So I look out the window and I see a man on the floor hold his stomach crawling down my front path. But I can't see his face but I scream and I tell my mum and dad. So me and my dad go outside to the man but he is covered in blood and mud, even his face. So my dad says "help me to get him up" "ok" I say but I'm bit nervous because we don't know who he is. So when I get in I shout my mum to call 999 and my dad shouts my brother to get all the clean towels while me and my dad are taking him into the spare room (downstairs) and I lay him down and I wash his face and it's Liam out of 1D. I was speechless and I got upset and worried an I wanted to cry but I didn't because I didn't want him to worry because he might panic. So I stayed calm and he said "can you promise me something?" "It depends what" I replied. "You can't tell anyone you know and you can't let the hospital tell my friends and family" he whispered. "ok I'll let them know, but your going to be alone" I said. " I was hoping you could help me and visit me" he said. "Yes, ok" I replied. While I am putting pressure on the stab wound and cleaning his face.

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