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1. overprotective

Hi I am Hannah Irwin yes Ashton Irwin's little sister I am 14 he is 20 I am dating this kid named James hemmings yeah Luke hemmings younger brother he is 14 also so anyway let's continue With the story me and James and all the boys go to the same school I always had good grades never got called to the principal office but ash and the boys always got called we were sitting in class yes we have same classes but james isn't in ours we wish he was the principal called everybody into the cafeteria nobody knew what was going on I walked with the boy the principal only did this when we had a guest or something bad has happens we got in there and sat down all together james say with us I was sitting next to ash and luke james sat across and calum and mikey on the other side the principal said I have an announcement two o our students will be representing Australia in the competition this year it will be singing and dancing the boys auditioned and james did to he said I want these two people to be recognized I looked around evrerybody seemed happy the principal said james mcvey I said good at least he is good at all of that the principal said and the last one is Hannah Irwin I looked up ash and the boys looked at me happy everyone was looking at me everybody knew I was shy I couldn't handle the pressure I got up and ran out ash came after me he caught up to me along with luke I said what I got ready to walk away ah grabbed my arm he turnede around to look at him I was crying

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