How did it happen ?

How did this happen?

I started out as a fan in the crowd

And now I'm Calum Hoods girlfriend

But how ?!


1. Chapter one

How this happened I really don't know. I've gotta work this out.


So I went to their concert in June 2015. I was a screaming fan girl in the crowd.


They didn't call me up on stage or anything so what happened ? 


Right so the concert. I dunno what happened, oh yeah now I remember. I was in the front row and Calum asked my name, I said my name was Bethany. He smiled at me and I smiled at him. I said that he was cute. After the concert I went and got an autograph , and he started talking to me. I fell In love with him. He asked hwere I loved soo said coedpoeth wrexham. He sai cool. He asked if he could ever see me again. I gave him my number.


Later on I got a text saying ' hey it's Calum.' I said Hey. He said he wanted to ask me a question, I said go on and then he asked me out.


I guess that a real wiered way to start a relationship.

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