Love life

My love life is a great story.

This book is not based on a true story it is a
Fan fiction between Calum and a girl called


1. Chapter one, how we met

It was June 2014. There was a new lad in the school. His name was Calum Hood. He was cute, he had brown hair and brown eyes just like me. He smiled from ear to ear as he walked into the class. The teacher introduced him to the class. " This is our new student Calum Hood, he is in our class , Calum why don't you go and sit by Bethany." He said hey to me so I said hi. I introduced my self. I said " Hey my name is Bethany Hughes, I come from Wales, where do you come from then ?" He said he came from Australia and he said he was in a band but I couldn't tell anyone.


He's been in the school for a month now and my love was growing stronger for him every day. I had courage , today was the day I was gonna ask him out. I seen him. I ran up to him and said that I need to ask him something, he said he needed to ask me something to. I said he should go first. He asked me out, I smiled from ear to ear and said yes. I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling. I invited him to my house that night. 

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